Best 1TB Solid State Drive (SSD) Offers In Reasonable Prices

A few years ago, and before the emergence of solid state drive (SSD) in the consumer market, a one-terabyte hard disk drive (HDD) made a revolution in the capacity of that kind of storage devices. That time, at which the options for storage devices were very limited, most consumers, including many enthusiasts, did not need more than that huge size to store their favorite data of software, games, and movies. But what about speed? There was no option for that unless multiple disks were set into RAID mode which could deliver in some cases a three-time-faster speed than it was with a single drive.

Later on in year 2008, an expensive high-speed successor of mechanical hard disk was released to the public by Intel and it was called: solid state drive (SSD). Its small capacity and steep price was the major obstacle that prevented most consumers from obtaining that drive. (You can read the brief history of solid-state drive for more details)

But now the situation changed drastically. Now even the premium SSDs aimed at enthusiasts became more affordable and budget-friendly. Check our best SSD list to compare the prices.

But the problem of the smallness of capacity remains. The current largest standard SSD comes in size between 480 GB and 512 GB which does not meet the requirements of many enthusiasts who seek a huge capacity for their primary storage device and yet do not want to go for RAIDing two 512 GB SSDs together, and there where the idea of manufacturing a 1TB SSD arose.

Recently we saw two SSDs aimed at the consumer-class market that come in a capacity close to 1TB. One comes in 960 GB and the other in 1000 GB.

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Crucial M500 960GB SSD

List Price:$659.99

Price: $590.99

Samsung 840 Evo 1000GB SSD

List Price:$849.99

Price: $649.95

MyDigitalSSD BP4 960GB SSD

List Price:$599.99

Price: $599.99