Solid State Hybrid Drive (SSHD)

PS4 Solid State Hybrid Drive (SSHD) Guide [Best of 2017]

Solid State Hybrid Drive (SSHD) has been one of the most recommended internal storage upgrade for PlayStation-4 (PS4) in the pursuit of expanding the limited capacity of the stock hard drive of PS4 (which has been recently upgraded officially by Sony to 1TB) and, at the same time, boosting up the overall performance of PS4 [...]

Seagate 1TB Laptop Hybrid Hard Drive (SSHD) Quick Review

Seagate’s Laptop SSHD hybrid drive combines a hard disk with 8GB of flash memory for frequently-accessed files. The gulf in price between hard-disk and solid-state drives remains vast, so do you choose the low-cost and capacity of the former, or is the performance of the latter too good to resist? It’s a tough decision, so [...]

Western Digital (WD) 4TB Blue Desktop SSHD Quick Review

In today’s market, there are countless storage options out there for you to choose for your current system or for a new build that you are planning and in general we find one of two main options being selected for the primary boot drive – this being either a hard drive which offers up large [...]

Seagate Desktop Hybrid Hard Drive (SSHD) Quick Review

It’s common knowledge that the appearance of consumer oriented Solid State Drives (SSDs) revolutionized the storage industry but even after several years in the market their price/capacity ratio is nowhere close to the one of regular mechanical drives and that’s something that drives away casual consumers who are not really interested in getting the highest [...]

Western Digital Black2 1TB Hybrid Hard Drive Quick Review

Ever since NAND Flash began to take off, customers on a budget or with limited drive storage have had to make a choice between small pools of solid-state storage and larger, far slower, mechanical drives. The Western Digital Black2 Dual Drive is the company’s first foray into the world of hybrid storage—products that combine solid [...]

Toshiba 1TB Hybrid Hard Drive (SSHD) [MQ01ABD100H] Quick Review

Hard disks are old, clunky and noisy devices and they’re bulky too, but at least from a storage point of view they’re cheap. On the other hand SSDs are fast, quiet and discrete by comparison, but of course they’re expensive. Maybe something that sits between the two would be the answer!? Something that was faster [...]

Do It Yourself: Combine SSD With HDD In Hybrid Mode post image

Do It Yourself: Combine SSD With HDD In Hybrid Mode

Solid-state Drives (SSD) feature a great storage solution in terms of speed and reliability, but their main disadvantage is the low capacities with which they come that the largest of them has not exceeded the limit of 1TB yet for the consumer-grade market. This is the main disadvantages in this type of storage devices as [...]

What Justifies Going For A Hybrid Drive Instead Of An SSD post image

What Justifies Going For A Hybrid Drive Instead Of An SSD

A few years ago, particularly in the mid 2000s, Samsung and Seagate and some other hard drive manufacturers theorized that if you add a few GB of flash chips to a mechanical spinning HDD, you’d get a so-called “hybrid” drive that approaches the performance of an SSD, with only a slight price difference with a [...]

The Best & Fastest Hybrid Hard Drive (SSHD) For PC & PS4 post image

The Best & Fastest Hybrid Hard Drive (SSHD) For PC & PS4

Using Computer for Too Long? Feeling tired and stressed from using the computer for too long daily? CLICK HERE to read about the Rock Salt Lamp, an innovative, yet provenly effective, NATURAL solution that will fill your body with natural energy. Hard drive manufacturers don’t stop amazing us with their innovative storage solutions that fit [...]