Samsung T1 Portable USB 3.0 External SSD Review

Samsung is very well known for its unique divisions of smartphones, home electronics, TV, audio and printers. However, its memory department, that is devoted to engineering SSD drives, memory cards and Optical Disk Drives, is one of a kind. In fact, Samsung is one of the biggest manufacturers of SSDs and NAND memory. Therefore, it [...]

The Best 1TB Hard Disk Drive (HDD) on the Market

Hard disk drives (HDD) are still the most popular storage subsystem solution among computer users from different classes. That’s because a hard drive offers a high capacity for a cheap price compared to that of SSD. Moreover, a 1TB capacity hard drive offers a sufficient speed to most basic/mainstream users who don’t want more than [...]

Why You Must Upgrade PS4 Internal Hard Drive

Coming right on time after Microsoft’s leak a few hours ago, some pre-E3 Sony news just popped up. An FCC filing reveals two new versions of the PS4 are on the way, and one of them is its first to come stock with a 1TB hard drive inside, twice the size of the current one. [...]

Compatible Hard Disk Drives For PS4 Console

PlayStation 4 is undoubtedly the best gaming console on the market that offers unparalleled performance in the gaming space that stuns its fans with the quality and seamless actions of the games. As gaming technology progresses games are getting bigger and bigger. A few years ago 1-2GB was a large game, but now with Blue-ray [...]

The Largest Hard Disk Drive Upgrade for PS4

The first version of PS4 came with a hard drive capacity of 500GB that was supposed to be sufficient for most regular users that would store most of game files. While this was the fact at that time, some may still want to upgrade it to a bigger hard drive in order to download more [...]

Best PS4 Hard Disk Drive (HDD) Replacement

The PS4, that game console that fascinates the hearts of gamers worldwide, aside from being a game console, is also a pretty much powerful media center. But unfortunately a media center with limited memory would be useless and doesn’t fit into purpose, so replacing the stock hard drive with a larger one is the best [...]

Is Solid State Drive (SSD) Eventually Worth it?

We have stated several times now that a solid-state drive (SSD) is, without doubt or exaggeration, the best hardware upgrade you could have done to your computer as far as performance/speed is concerned, and we believe an SSD is really worth it to most computer users (most not all), and that’s for varied valid reasons [...]

Eliminate the Stress and Fatigue Caused by Working on Computer

Do you feel stressed and tired too often through your life due to working on computers daily for too long? Just know that this is normal due to the electromagnetic field a computer, and every electrical device, creates around it which is the main culprit of the symptoms of tiredness, stress, low concentration, insomnia and [...]

Samsung 850 EVO mSATA SSD – Quick Review post image

Samsung 850 EVO mSATA SSD – Quick Review

Samsung latest efforts in economy SSD segment is known as SSD 850 Evo, which proved solid performance and amazing endurance at a very appealing price for budget users who seek a compromise between quality and cost. The wonderful part here is that the performance of the new mSATA SSD version of 850 EVO serious is [...]

The Best & Fastest USB 3.0 Flash Drives – 2014 post image

The Best & Fastest USB 3.0 Flash Drives – 2014

A USB flash drive is one of the most popular external storage solutions available out there and the demands on it consistently increase day after day. Being extremely light-weighted with small dimensions makes it the most preferred storage media for the short-to-medium terms. In fact, there is nothing can challenge a USB flash drive when [...]