Compatible Hard Disk Drives For PS4 Console

PlayStation 4 HDD Upgrade kit
PlayStation 4 is undoubtedly the best gaming console on the market that offers unparalleled performance in the gaming space that stuns its fans with the quality and seamless actions of the games. As gaming technology progresses games are getting bigger and bigger. A few years ago 1-2GB was a large game, but now with Blue-ray games available, they are starting to get as big as 20GB each. Now what people are looking for is a compatible hard drive for PS4 that can handle the large games and movies the user wishes to download and save on the internal drive of the console. Many of these games will need to install to you PS4s hard drive to reduce loading times, which is good for the user, but can fill a standard 160GB hard drive very quickly. Now what happens when you run out of space with your PS4 internal hard drive? This is a problem that many users face nowadays with the huge amount of data available for download worldwide. Add on top of this all the updates from Sony and the games producers and 160GB doesn’t seem very big at all any-more. Usually PlayStation 4 Hard Drive Failure Can Be Quite Catastrophic Resulting In Your Console Crashing Needing To Be Restarted Sometimes Not Even Starting Up Or Stuck On The Main Welcome Screen Re Formatting Can Sometimes Help. We can easily and quickly upgrade the Hard Drive in your PS4 to a much larger drive. A popular size is 500GB because it gives the user plenty of room and we find this is a highly reliable size of drive. The Chances are not good for data retrieval if your hard drive has failed and is no longer responding.

Finding the right hard drive for PS4

PlayStation 4 Toshiba Hard Drive Replacement From $99.00 Depending On The Size Usually A Upgrade To 500Gb Are Common At A Cost Of $149, That Includes All Data Transfer From The Old Hard Drive. I just wonder how long it will be before the Xbox One and PS4 are hit with those same kind restrictions or mandatory play-requirements? Prices can vary for this upgrade depending on the size of drive you would like and the current price of Hard Drives. What about the largest PS4 hard drive you can go for? It can be up to 8TB of space, that’s top stunning. But usually even for the larger drives the bill would come in at $90 or under. Hopefully this warning from Rockstar means that they’re prepping to drop a pretty big update in the form of the long-awaited heists? Maybe? Possibly? As with all work we carry out we will quote you a price first and only go ahead with your permission. You will not be charged anything without your prior approval. PS4 System Not Starting, Loud Noises From Within The Console Games Freezing During Intensive Graphic Rendering, Lagging Or Even Picture Or Sound Distortion During Game Play Can Be Caused By A Bad Faulty Hard Disk Drive.

  • Make sure the drive you have chosen is right to fit into the PS4 drive bay.
  • Form factor must be 2.5-inch for internal upgrade, but if you want to go for a larger capacity than 2TB, you have to go with a 3.5-inch form factor hard drive, or just an SSHD.
  • SP4 will not make much avail from SSD, so you better avoid it.
  • The best fit of HDD upgrade for PS4 is a drive with 9.5mm thickness. More than that you’ll not be able to internally upgrade the hard drive
  • Use the replaced hard drive as an external hard drive for precautionary backup or to archive your old files.
2tb hard drive upgrade for PS4

Compatible hard drives are not many

The Hard Drive Is A Important Part Of The PlayStation 4 Console For Proper Operation The PlayStation System Needs The Hard Drive To Function Correctly Also PlayStation 4 Games Install. We See Many Samsung Or Even Hitachi Hard Drive Fail With Mechanical Problems Usually In The New PS4 Slim Consoles. Using a compatible hard drive for PS4 HDD upgrade is inevitable if you don’t want to go through any hassle. If you have a 12GB PS4 that Sony introduced last year as a cheap alternative for those who didn’t want to put a lot of money into one of the bigger units, you’re going to have to upgrade. This isn’t a discussion or something that can be debated. If you want to update to the upcoming patch dropping for Grand Theft Auto V, you will have to upgrade your 500GB PS4 unit. Common Original Phat PS4 Hard Drives Are Usually Seagate The Later Slim PS4 Consoles Have Hitachi Drives Its Very Rare To Find A Western Digital Hard Drive In A Factory Standard PS4 Must Be An Agreement Sony Made With Hard Drive Manufacturers Whatever Drive We Install Its Usually Warranted For 12 Months From The Date We Do The Install.

Form factor and thickness of the HDD

Not to say that using an SSD in PS4 is not advisable at all. SSDs are rather much better for computer systems that will boost their performance to high levels you couldn’t imagine possible. The broadband internet connection is already one of the standard requirements for most games, and there’s usually a bit about the hard drive space requirements, but it usually doesn’t go beyond that. Once the hard drive is placed within the PS4 system, begin the process of formatting the drive. As for a gaming hard drive, there’re plenty of top-notch choices available, including that for PS4 systems. Usually We Use Western Digital Or Seagate Drives Depending On What’s Available At The Time Of Installation.

Storage capacity and endurance

This process will copy the contents of the system’s 12GB flash memory over onto the newly installed hard drive. If The Data Can Be Recovered, Quite Often All Or Most Of The Game Data Can Be Extracted From The Old Storage Device If You Dont Know What Size You Have You Can Check Here By Getting The Console Model Number And Cross Reference From The List. Usually the replaced hard drive of PS4 is used as an external hard drive to expand the storage potential of PS4 internal hard drive. We Use The Best Possible Hard Drives To Match The Original Old Drive In Your PS4 Console.

Upgrading PS4 Hard Drive Process

Once this process is complete, go to ‘System Settings’ from the main menu and go to ‘System Information’ to verify that all changes were made successfully. From here, it’s easy to check the available storage space on the system and ensure that it matches the size of the hard drive that was installed. While most gamers who have focused on embracing the digital distribution age that really lit up during the seventh generation have already upgraded their PS4’s hard drive to something bigger and beefier, some gamers may have wanted to avoid treating their home console like a PC or just couldn’t afford to throw money into additional spare hard drives. But what can an external hard drive do for PS4 systems? You should be aware that any trophies you’ve earned will be lost unless you have synced to the PS4 server prior to the hard drive failure. You need to remember to log into your PlayStation 4 account then use the Sync with Server option under your Trophy Collection (hit triangle) after the new hard drive is installed. Well, whatever the case, if you’re still rocking a 500GB hard drive you’ll need to upgrade, pronto. Usually once the PlayStation 4 HDD stops working the internal game data movies music and also downloaded content will be lost unless you have back it up before the failure. If you do have a good back up your PS4 data its a simple process of restoring once the new drive is installed and operational.

Using PS4 in high-end gaming

The best hard drive brands

This is not possible the data is encrypted using a unique file format for the PS4 console, it’s also signed to your specific console serial, removing your hard drive then Inserting into another PlayStation 4 console will format the hard drive and complete wipe all the saved data including music pictures also all game saves this according to Sony is a Security measure that stops data being manipulated or devices like the Jailbreak hacking the system. Now SSDs are being adopted for gaming systems to provide them with maximum possible performance. While it’s a nice gesture to warn PS4 owners about the storage limitation, it’s also somewhat ironic that the whole point of owning a home console was to avoid having to open up cases and replace parts like in a PC. Yet, here it is that gamers have to open up their PS4 and replace the hard drive as a mandatory requirement if they want to keep playing the latest version of GTA V online. We can upgrade your internal hard drive up to a 500Gb with some of the larger drives being released bigger that 500Gb There are some brands that do not conform to the 2.5 inch spec their height does not comply they will be too thick to fit within your PlayStation 4 Anything over 9.5mm in height is a problem. We install the new hard drive upgrade to the Latest PlayStation 4 firmware version then if possible we restore your original data on the new hard drive. If the PS4 system refuses to recognize the hard drive, there may be an issue with the system itself and it may need to be repaired. If the system is still under warranty, contact Sony support to request a repair for their system.

  • If your PS4 operating system fails after the upgrade, make sure you have installed it correctly as Sony recommended
  • The power must be off when you are in the upgrade process. This is critical.
  • Using an external hard drive enclosure to incorporate the old hard drive inside it for backup or archiving is strongly recommended.

Is SSD worth it for PS4?

It’s worth noting that while the hard drive install process doesn’t necessarily void the warranty, damage incurred to the system as a result of the install process will. It’s important to be careful and ensure that the system does not get damaged when installing the hard drive. Don’t go far away from this point. The fastest hard drive is not too fast when it’s compared with SSD. The 12GB units still being on the market seem kind of like a silly thing given that it’s barely enough to hold a full-sized game, and really just seems like a slap in the face as far as storage space goes. For those of you who actually have not upgraded from that archaic 12GB hard drive, Rockstar offers a quick-link to Sony’s official support site for upgrading and changing your PS4’s hard drive. The reason for using a desktop 3.5-inch SSD was to enhance the performance of computers not PS4 consoles. That’s not to mention that I would likely imagine that most people have already upgraded their hard drives at some point after they realized that the 12GB unit wasn’t going to afford them much room for either installing games or adding a ton of DLC to the unit. The Most popular and asked for upgrade is the 500 Gig there were some concerns over the speed in particular the 7200 RPM model producing excessive heat also Increase the power consumption.

PS4 system software update to version 3.0

Where to get a good hard drive?

Now plug back in all the cables and boot up your PS4. Follow the instructions on your screen. The PS4 will ask you to update to the latest firmware. This is not an issue in all the PlayStation 4 models as long as the console not housed in an enclosed cabinet, Important to keep the console well ventilated and not obstructing the air vents. You can either connect your USB Flash Drive with the latest firmware, or you can skip this part and format the HDD. Now what? It’s either 1 terabyte or 2 terabyte hard drive you can incorporate inside your PS4 box. The PS4 will update itself to FW1.9 afterwards. When it’s done, connect your PS4 to the internet or use a USB Flash Drive with the latest firmware to update your PS4. Information To The Hard Drive Sometimes A Game Taking Over 4 Gig Of Disk Drive Space. Once the hard drive has been installed, turn on the PS4. A message will appear asking to change the location of saved data; select ‘Yes’ to continue.

You have to carefully learn how to properly you how to upgrade your stock internal PlayStation 4 hard drive (HDD) for a higher capacity one that will allow you to have more movies, demos, trailers, etc available very quickly to you off the hard drive. We will also give you some tips on how to use the old 40, 60 or 80GB drive as an external drive for your needs. The PS4 System Uses The Hard Drive For Firmware Updates Movies, Music, Downloaded Content, Game Save Data, The PlayStation System Files And Also Memory Cache Is Hard Drive Dependent.


Please Note: This process will not void your warranty, I called and spoke with a Sony representative prior to upgrading and she told me it will NOT void your warranty. However, if you r PS4 ever needs repairs you will need to put the stock HDD back in before sending the console in. As You Can Read Its Absolutely Vital A Good Healthy Proper Working Hard Drive Is In Your PS4 Console. A new internal hard drive- For this upgrade you will also need a new internal hard drive and I will devote an entire section on how to pick out the correct one for you, and at the right price. For my example, I have added a 320GB new drive, thus multiplying my capacity by eight fold.

Phillips Head Screwdriver- There are 5 screws that need to be removed and replaced throughout this guide so you will need a Phillips/crosshead screwdriver. The screws look the one posted at right and are very cheap so make sure you have the proper screwdriver.

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