Corsair Flash Voyager GTX USB 3.0 256 GB Review

A flash drive is a data storage device or drive that has a flash memory and a USB interface. A USB flash drive is a PLUG and PLAY device. It is much smaller than an HDD. Their storage capacity has gradually improved from 2 GB to a massive 1 TB. USB flash drives are used for storage, data back up and transferring files to computer. USB drives are much smaller, lighter, therefore, more convenient to carry around. They do not have any moving parts like an HDD; therefore, they are much more reliable and durable. The longevity of a flash drive is also amazing as it works for around 4000-4500 program and erase cycle. USB flash drives have good speed too, as they can transfer data at a speed of around 50-60 MB/s (if they are USB 3.0 compatible). A USB flash drive combined with the technologies of an SSD drive can deliver amazing speeds of 350-450 MB/s.

Corsair Flash Voyager GTX Review

Basic Features

The Corsair Voyager GTX is an amazing leap in the technological development. We can say that it has those amazing speeds which no other flash drives can produce, and for that reason we have included it in our best external SSD list although it is more a USB flash drive than an SSD. It has a performance, which is close enough to that of an SSD. This is a flash drive for people who are willing to transfer large files at a quick speed. It is for those people who want the rival speed of SSD for their flash drives. People who have massive amount of data to deal with and want to transfer them super fast.

The device is a simple plug and play drive. It does not come with any of the pre-installed programs. It is very easy to connect it with a Mac or Windows laptop or PC. The driver is made up of all aluminum; therefore, it is finger print resistant. The physical dimensions of the drive are also quite compact; to be precise they are around 3.1×1.1×0.3 inches. The weight is less than 1.1 ounce. The aluminum housing also protects it from day to day wear and tear.

The gaming experience is stunning with this device. The speeds are very fast to help you let the graphics, maps and other stuff load faster. The SSD controller helps you play games directly from your flash drive. The gaming experience is bound to be better than an external HDD. The heating issue unlike other flash drives is not present in this device. It gets hot but not hot enough to act as a room heater! Files on an external HDD are loaded in around 100-110 seconds whereas they loaded in less than 15 seconds in the USB drive.

Most of the USB drives that we come across are quite fast, but when the time comes to transfer large files at a quicker rate, most of the USB drives fail. This USB drive has an integrated SSD controller and SSD NAND memory tailored into a drive. It can be as fast as your PC’s SSD. It gives you the liberty to go ahead and copy large files quickly so that you do not have to test your patience and lose your valuable time. In the earlier days, USB drives were used only to transfer office documents, but now times have changed, people transfer huge videos and a big collection of music. This device has the storage capacity and lighting fast speed to handle your data smoothly. The device comes with a USB standard A connector, which works efficiently with both USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 ports. The device is compatible with all the operating systems like Widows, Mac and Linux. There is no driver or software installation required.

We also have a brief idea of what customers feel like about this particular drive. It has won the hearts of majority of its customers. This drive holds a special place for the hard-core gamers. A customer said that playing games using this device is bliss, as the transfer speed of the gaming dynamics was awesome. Professionals have happily accepted this device particularly because it provides great security to the data and it has a large capacity and good transfer speed. Customers have also appreciated its setup style. One does not need to pull his hair out in order to setup. This is a simple plug and play device.

Note here that Corsair has released a new updated version of this USB flash drive comes with a model number: CMFVYGTX3B while the model number of the drive we are reviewing here is CMFVYGTX3. This new model is supposed to faster and more reliable than the one we are reviewing here, and for this reason we have decided to replace the old model with the new one in our best & fastest external portable SSD list.

The price is definitely on the higher side. It is much more costly than other storage devices. The price on Amazon is around $170. Therefore, a consumer should understand his needs and then only purchase it. This is more for high end users and professionals.

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