Fixing the “not enough space on external HDD” issue with PS4

PS4 started supporting the addition of an external USB storage since the release of firmware update version 2.5. This new and late feature contributed to the flexibility of PS4 giving its users one more storage option out of the box.

It has been reported though that many users were not able to successfully externally transfer more than a few hundreds megabytes from PS4 until they received an error message stating that there was no enough space on the external hard drive to complete the transfer process!

Now, as of the time of writing, the latest version of PS4 firmware update is 3.5 and that error has not been fixed yet. But here, in this article, we will do a small trick that will work around this issue and enable you to enjoy the full size of your external hard drive when using it with PS4.

Fixing the issue

Some PS4 users reported that a 2TB external hard drive would work pretty well with PS4 without undergoing this issue. So if you just have that size of external hard drive, you only need to format it rightly to get it work well. [Read more HERE]

But if this doesn’t work with you still, or if you have a larger capacity external hard drive, then simply do the following:

  1. Make sure the external hard drive you are using doesn’t have multiple partition. PS4 stipulates only ONE partition in order to authorize the full space of the external hard drive.
  2. Format the external hard drive with Master Boot Record (MBR) instead of Guid Partition Table (GPT).

Important Notes

  • MAC OS X creates two partitions when using GUID as a Scheme for formatting a drive; the volume you name & a hidden/protected EFI partition. Now to solve this issue you will need to reformat the drive again, select exFat or Fat, then instead of GUID, select Master Boot Record as the Scheme for the drive.
  • On the Disk Utility on a Mac you have to use Erase (rather than Partition) to be able to change the drive to MBR.
  • For Windows users, follow the instructions on this page.

Last Words

This is supposed to fix this major issue, but there might appear a minor issue that’s not supposed to hider your backup/data transfer process with your external hard drive. This issue is that you might get an error message saying “This file system is unsupported” every time you connect the USB cable, but just ignore it and move on, and everything must go seamlessly.

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