How To Get More Memory On PS4

Before reading this article, it’s important to note that we refer with PS4 Memory to the storage space where PS4 can hold data such as games and movies permanently. We don’t mean by any means the RAM chips of PS4 which’s also referred to as “Memory”.

One of the most annoying issues with PS4 game console is that it doesn’t provide enough memory or storage space that can handle the heaps of games and movies a user wants to download and store on the system. Until just a few months ago, PS4 was shipping with only a 500gb storage capacity, which’s barely sufficient for storing the loads of data the PS4 user desires to download and keep internally within the game console.

Sony folks finally turned their attention to this serious problem and realized the need of expanding the current storage space of PS4. This attitude was translated into the release of a new update of PS4 with 1TB of storage capacity (Yes, double of the previous space).

1TB of space might be sufficient for most users in the short-to-medium term, but surely it’s not the case with enthusiasts who cannot settle for that “limited capacity” in the terms of “extreme gaming” realm.

In this article you’ll be learning some useful tips that will help you get more memory/storage space on your PS4 without any hassle. Just follow this guide carefully till the end and everything shall be alright. Or if you want, you can just go directly to our PS4 HDD Upgrade Guide and choose from there the right storage space size that fits your needs.

Where Does PS4 Store Data?

You can look at PS4 exactly the same as a gaming computer with its own operating system. It has everything a typical PC is built with. It has a processor, graphics card, RAM memory, and hard disk drive (HDD).

If you have basic knowledge in computers you’ll immediately recognize where PS4 stores its data (such as games and movies)—simply on its hard disk drive (HDD).

The PS4 hard drive is exactly the same as that used for laptop computers. It comes in 2.5-inch form factor and interfaced with Serial-ATA with 500gb storage capacity (recently increased to 1TB).

PS4 hard drive is the same as that used in portable computer system

So, all what you need to do in order to expand the PS4 storage space is to upgrade the PS4 stock hard drive to a larger one.

Available Options to Expand PS4 Memory

There are a few options that you can go for in order to expand the PS4 memory, some are internal solutions that require you to swap your stock drive with a new one, with what follows that option as an inevitable result, that you need to backup first all your data on an external hard drive [Check: PS4 External Hard Drive Guide], then install a fresh and complete copy of PS4 operating system, and finally retain your games and movies from the external hard drive on which you made the backup. You can learn more about that in our guide on PS4 HDD.

an external hard drive is a common option to expand PS4 storage space

If you wish to go with that option, then know that the internal storage solutions you can choose from to expand PS4 memory are:

  1. Regular Mechanical Hard Drive (HDD), just like the one found in PS4 box. We have always been recommending this only for PS4 users, and we always recommend Seagate SpinPoint M9T ST2000LM003 for PS4 storage upgrade.
  2. Hybrid Solid State Drive (SSHD). This type of storage combines SSD as cache memory and traditional hard drive into one case, which is supposed then to provide the speed of an SSD with the large capacity of HDD. Many experts have recommended this type of storage if you need a better and faster solution than the above mention, but as far as we are concerned, we don’t believe an SSHD will perform that well inside PS4, for several reasons that aren’t suitable to state here in this limited place. [You can read more about that on our PS4 SSHD Guide]
  3. Solid State Drive (SSD). This is a flash-based storage solution that operate exactly the same as a USB flash thumb drive but on a much faster pace. We also don’t recommend going for this kind of drives for PS4, for several reasons we stated in our PS4 SSD Guide.

As for the external storage solution, it is more recommended for a wide variety of users who don’t want to go through the hassles of upgrading the internal hard drive of PS4. It’s suitable for the type of user who doesn’t often need to access/play a large quantity of files that fill the internal memory of PS4, but at the same time they are not ready to lose them and want these files stored safely somewhere else externally.

This option seems to fit the majority of users, but surely enthusiasts will not be fully content with it for it limits their potentials. You can read more about the advantages and disadvantages of this particular storage solution for PS4 in our PS4 External HDD Guide.

Maximum limit of PS4 memory upgrade

Getting more storage space for PS4 is appealing, especially when you have lots of data to store internally, but this shouldn’t make you go unwise/inconsiderately with it. Gauge your needs and make your calculations. Do you really need the huge memory you want to add on PS4? If yes, and I doubt it, then how big is that storage space? Don’t you think an external storage solution would be better for your needs and more comfortable?

adding more memory on PS4 is an appealing option, but is it really required?

If you are an exceptional user who has lots to store on the internal storage of PS4, I don’t find a drive larger than 4TB make any sense. You can upgrade your PS4 with a 4TB hard drive capacity without any issue, especially after Sony released software update version 3.5 that supports up to 4TB hard drive upgrade as was tested and reported by PS4 professionals, but what will you do with that tremendous capacity? Doesn’t an external hard drive suffice your needs? You can use it with your computer also, which means it will have multiple purposes.

Just be prudent and don’t haste with your choice. And as we have stated above, an external expansion of PS4 storage space is our preferred and advised option for the majority of PS4 users, and we think for that reason Sony is not providing more than 1TB hard drive capacity in their newest updated version of PS4.

After all, it is your choice and your money you are going to spend.