IT Professionals’ Final Verdicts On Corsair Neutron GTX SSD

When “performance” is mentioned, Corsair Neutron GTX cannot be absent from the scene. This nifty solid-state drive is Corsair’s flagship line of SSDs and is aimed to handle tasks with heavy workloads which fulfills the needs of extreme gamers and workstations.

This drive has won many awards from IT professionals that can be seen below. We’ve gathered in this article some of the testimonials of those experts, and added a section on the bottom for the disadvantages some of SSD experts reported about this drive and prevented them from granting this drive their top-level awards. As for us, we base our verdict on the consensus of the majority, so we have selected this drive to be in our monthly updated best solid-state drive (SSD) list for [July 2013].


Top-Level Awards
Corsair Neutron GTX SSD Awards



[icon name=icon-star] Anandtech (August 20, 2012):

Overall I have to say I’m fairly impressed with Corsair’s Neutron GTX, at least from a performance standpoint. The LM87800 controller proved to be very potent in my testing, ending up near or at the very top of most of our benchmarks. Even though we’re still ultimately bound by the limits of 6Gbps SATA, the Neutron GTX manages to pull ahead of the competition in a few areas.

[icon name=icon-star] Legit Reviews (November 05, 2012):

Pairing the Link_A_Media Devices LM87800 controller with Toshiba toggle NAND has proven to be a formidable combination that puts the Corsair’s flagship Neutron GTX SSD on the very short list of drives we’d want in our system.

[icon name=icon-star] Storage Review (August 20, 2012):

If you want a consumer grade drive that can deliver under heavy load and write tasking, then the Neutron GTX is the best we’ve seen.

[icon name=icon-star] Hard OCP (November 14, 2012):

Our previous reviews held back on the Gold award for the Corsair Neutron GTX, instead opting for the Silver HardOCP award until there was a bit more history with this product in the market.

With the solid user reviews and lack of any major firmware or hardware bugs over the last several months, we have no reservations in now bestowing the HardOCP Gold Editors Choice Award to the Corsair Neutron GTX.

[icon name=icon-star] Real World Labs (December 27, 2012):

Like we stated earlier in the review, if you are a multitasking user who deals with incompressible data then you really can’t do much better than the Neutron GTX 120GB. With its incredibly fast access times and unmatched 4k performance at high queue depths the GTX 120GB is ideal for your operating system. Performance like this and a 5 year warranty to boot is something that’s well worth you spending your hard earned cash on.

[icon name=icon-star] Tech Gage (February 20, 2013):

Corsair has differentiated itself in the SSD market. No longer is it going to compete amongst a litany of similar rebadged SSD clones, but instead, the company decided to rise above the crowd by creating an SSD featuring an unheard-of controller that can offer performance equal to the best SSDs out there. Even better, with Corsair reportedly signing an exclusive deal, it has ensured the Neutron series will be the only SSDs of its type on the market for some time. We have to give Corsair mad props for such a bold move, but it clearly has worked. And in a just-as-gutsy a move, Corsair decided to stand by this new SSD by including a full five-year warranty on all Neutron and Neutron GTX models. With that in mind, and with the surprisingly competitive pricing, we have to give Corsair an Editor’s Choice award for its Neutron GTX. Sometimes being bold can be a good thing.


Reported Disadvantages

[icon name=icon-circle] Tech Power Up (September 24th, 2012):

[*]. Real-life performance lower than expected
[*]. Relatively high price
[*]. Needs a SATA 6 Gbps controller to perform best

[icon name=icon-circle] Hexus (November 14th, 2012):

Corsair’s best comes second to Samsung

[icon name=icon-circle] Kit Guru (September 6th, 2012):

Not the cheapest drives on the market.

[icon name=icon-circle] Custom PC Review (October 26, 2012):

While pricing is a bit higher than I’d like and power consumption does need a bit of work, I think the Neutron GTX is a solid, top performing SSD for those looking make the upgrade this holiday season.

[icon name=icon-circle] OCaholic (October 01, 2012):

With this price tag, the drive isn’t a bargain, but compared to drives with synchronous NAND flash toggle NAND is simply more expensive.

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