IT Professionals’ Final Verdicts On Intel SSD 520 Series

Intel corporation is worth of lots of credit for helping to popularize solid-state drives among PC enthusiasts. With its flagship line of SSDs, the Cherryville 520 Series SSD, which is a premium drive especially aimed at computer enthusiasts and workstations, Intel is trying the chances to dominate the SSD market by providing enterprise features in this consumer-oriented SSD.

Intel SSD 520 Series has got the approval of several IT professionals who bestowed it with their top-level awards, thus we selected it to be in our monthly-updated best SSD list for [July 2013]


Top-Level Awards

This drive has not been reviewed by many experts that as it was the case with other drives, and we could only gathered six award trophies given to this drive:

Intel SSD 520 Series Awards



[icon name=icon-star] Anandtech (February 06, 2012):

If you want the absolute fastest SSD on the market today, the Intel SSD 520 is the only drive to get.

[icon name=icon-star] Storage Review (February 06, 2012):

The 520 brings industry-leading SSD performance to the table, paired with the support, reliability and compatbility buyers long for. Even with a price premium at launch, the 520 is an easy to recommend SSD and sets the bar for what other SSDs should aspire to be.

[icon name=icon-star] Tweak Town (February 14, 2012):

This is the fastest SF-2281 controlled 2.5″ drive we’ve tested to date.

The Intel 520 Series is the fastest we’ve tested to date.

The Intel 520 Series is the ultimate SandForce SSD performance, validation and accessories.

[icon name=icon-star] Xbit Labs (February 21, 2012):

Quite expectedly, we were highly pleased with the new Intel product. The old SandForce problems have vanished without a trace, and the performance of the new drive is very good, too. Intel SSD 520 uses proprietary 25 nm ONFI flash memory, and is currently among the fastest SF-2281 based products. As a result, it is superior to any other SSDs with SATA 6 Gbit/s interface available today. Its exclusive firmware contributed to making it better than similar SSDs based on the same hardware platform. And if we add 5-year warranty and traditionally high quality of Intel’s SSDs, this product can’t help becoming highly popular among users who want to speed up their disk subsystems.

[icon name=icon-star] Pc Magazine (February 27, 2012):

Excellent performance. Covered by five-year warranty.

[icon name=icon-star] Hexus (February 06, 2012):

Intel’s 520 Series SSD is undoubtedly a good match for any high-end PC; it’s lightning-quick in various scenarios, and if you’re coming from a traditional hard disk, it’ll provide a jolt in performance that few other components can offer. But it’s important to put the drive’s capabilities into context.


Reported Disadvantages

[icon name=icon-circle] c|net (February 17th, 2012):

The Intel 520 Series SSD is comparatively expensive and its low-profile screws are not included.

[icon name=icon-circle] Tech Spot (February 06th, 2012):

A tad more expensive than other similar drives. SSDs in general are still limited in storage capacity given the premium you pay per gigabyte.

[icon name=icon-circle] PC Magazine (February 27th, 2012):

More expensive, but not significantly faster, than competing drives.

[icon name=icon-circle] Storage Review (February 08th, 2012):

More expensive than other SandForce SF-2200-powered SSDs with synchronous NAND.

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