IT Professionals’ Final Verdicts On OCZ Vector SSD

OCZ’s Vector solid state drive (SSD) is the flagship line of OCZ Technology’s SSDs. It’s a high-performance model with cutting-edge features and is aimed at high-end consumer and workstation users.

With the Vector, OCZ has built a price and performance competitor to Samsung’s SSD 840 Pro, which previously remained peerless at the top of SSD-experts’ charts. Although OCZ vector is placed on the second position of our monthly-updated best SSD list, it does not necessarily mean it is inferior to Samsung 840 Pro in the matter of performance, as “fastest” does not always mean “best performing”.

In this article you will learn what the IT professionals’ verdicts on OCZ Vector SSD are, and what awards this superb drive received from these experts. You’ll also find below, in the last section, the different opinions of some of these experts on this drive, so you can have a better idea on the whole issue.


Top-Level Awards



[icon name=icon-star] Anandtech (November 27, 2012):

Samsung has emerged as one of the strongest players in the consumer SSD space, and OCZ appears ready to challenge it. In our tests, Samsung typically enjoys better peak performance, but OCZ’s Vector appears to have the advantage when it comes to worst case performance and IO consistency. The latter tend to be more valuable in improving overall user experience in my opinion.

[icon name=icon-star] Tom’s Hardware (November 27, 2012):

Fortunately, the Barefoot 3 controller serves up enough performance to put the Vector on par with the 840 Pro. In the real world, it’s almost a certainty that you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between them. More interesting than its tested performance is the speed at which the Vector is able to recover from taxing workloads.

[icon name=icon-star] Tweak Town (November 27, 2012):

Vector is faster than the previous generation drives based on the SF-2281 and Marvell controllers. It’s also a little faster than next-gen products that are shipping now with LAMD controllers and Samsung’s new 840. Vector even outperformed the TweakTown Chris Ramseyer 128GB SLC SSD when writing data to the drive in DiskBench. Through process of elimination that makes it one of the highest performing SSDs available on the market today.

[icon name=icon-star] Expert Reviews (March 27, 2013):

OCZ’s latest impresses in every area: stunning speed, great design and excellent value

[icon name=icon-star] Tech Radar (February 15, 2013):

Put all our results together and you have to conclude that the Vector might just be the fastest SSD on the market right now. It’s certainly not materially any slower than the Samsung 840 Pro.

[icon name=icon-star] Custom PC Review (February 22, 2013):

I’m incredibly impressed with what OCZ has done with the Vector. Despite the executive shakeup and OCZ’s shaky financial situation, they’ve still been able to effectively utilize their acquisitions and pool together so many various resources to create the Vector – a product that’s capable of going toe to toe with Samsung’s best for the top spot in the consumer SSD market.

[icon name=icon-star] Hexus (January 22, 2013):

The Vector Series is undoubtedly OCZ’s finest SSD to date. Using an exclusive Indilinx Barefoot controller developed entirely in house, the Vector Series SSD delivers excellent all-round performance irrespective of data type and impressively manages to sustain high speeds in worst-case scenarios.


Reported Disadvantages

[icon name=icon-circle] Tech Spot (November 27, 2012):

Cons: We can’t question the drive’s reliability at this point, but OCZ’s track record is mixed, at least compared to the likes of Samsung.

[icon name=icon-circle] Hexus (January 22, 2013):

The Bad
[*]. Premium price tag
[*]. Performance linked to capacity; 128GB model not as quick

[icon name=icon-circle] PC Advisor (February 20, 2013):

The only downside for us is that it’s a little too heavy.

[icon name=icon-circle] PC Magazine (December 28, 2012):

The drive’s price is its only potential weak point.

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