IT Professionals’ Final Verdicts On Samsung 840 Pro SSD

Since its release date [September 2012] until the current month [July 2012] Samsung 840 Pro Series SSD has been selected as the fastest solid state drive for 2013 for the capacities of 256GB and 512GB (OCZ Vector 128GB beats the corresponding model of Samsung 840 Pro), and I have included it on the top of our monthly updated best SSD list.

You will learn in this article what the IT professionals said about this drive and what awards it gained from them. Just note that we base our verdict on the consensus of the majority of these IT experts. Saying “majority” is because, like anything in life, nothing is safe from criticism, and there is still a minority of experts who criticized this drive and deprived it of their top-level award. You can find their opinions below on the last section of this article.


Top-Level Awards
Samsung 840 Pro SSD Awards


I have chosen in this section the testimonials of seven of the most popular and renowned SSD reviewers on the net:

[icon name=icon-star] Anandtech (September 24, 2012):

The performance and power characteristics of Samsung’s SSD 840 Pro are as close to perfect as we’ve seen from any drive this generation. In all but a handful of benchmarks, the 840 Pro is the fastest consumer SSD we’ve ever tested. Even more important than its industry leading performance is the fact that the 840 Pro delivers great performance while remaining one of the lowest power SSDs to make it through our labs.

[icon name=icon-star] Tom’s Hardware (September 24, 2012):

Although we’ve had it for a very limited time, Samsung’s 840 Pro is making a good first impression in our lab. It’s very quick, topping a majority of our benchmark charts. Moreover, it achieves its great performance while using less power than its competition. This makes the 840 Pro the fastest, most efficient SSD we’ve seen to date.

[icon name=icon-star] PC Magazine (May 20, 2013):

The Samsung 840 Pro Series 256GB is the fastest internal solid-state drive we’ve tested, and comes with a 5-year-warranty.

[icon name=icon-star] Tweak Town (February 14, 2013):

The Samsung 840 Pro is the fastest consumer 256GB drive on the market, and costs $20 less than it’s nearest rival. The 840 Pro also outperforms the OCZ Vector in battery life, while shipping with a nicer software package.

[icon name=icon-star] Legit Review (January 22, 2013):

The Samsung 840 Pro is a seriously fast drive that delivers world class performance while keeping power consumption relatively low. For now, it shares the performance crown with the OCZ Vector drive for a SATA III drive.

[icon name=icon-star] Hard OCP (December 10, 2012):

The Samsung 840 Pro is a revolutionary SSD in terms of steady state performance, beating out the competition easily in our trace based testing. The low latency and high sequential speeds are among the best we have recorded. Providing software that simplifies the user’s life is a huge plus for the Samsung 840 Pro, and other companies should follow suit by offering comprehensive software packages in an easy to use format. The power consumption figures prove that this SSD would be just as much at home in the latest Ultrabook as in an overclocked gaming rig. The impressive track record of previous Samsung SSDs and the five year warranty should combine to provide users peace of mind when purchasing the Samsung 840 Pro SSD.

Overall the Samsung 840 Pro is a compelling product that is truly in a class of its own, for the time being. We give the Samsung 840 Pro [H]ardOCP Editor’s Choice Gold Award.

[icon name=icon-star] Xbits Labs (June 07, 2013):

Our testing shows that the Samsung 840 Pro is the fastest SATA 3 SSD available now.


Other Opinions
Here I will lay out some of the IT experts’ opinion where they criticize this drive

[icon name=icon-circle] Storage Review (September 24, 2013):

While the SSD 840 Pro has a few weak points which may limit its appeal for certain high-write applications, the SSD 840 Pro maintained average performance even in benchmarks when it did not finish in the first three positions. And even though real world power consumption in a desktop is extremely higher than Samsung’s DIPM-enabled notebook rates, the 840 Pro compared well with the prior generation 830, especially at startup.

[*]. An integrated all-Samsung platform
[*]. Competitive performance in many read-heavy tasks
[*]. Consistent latencies across a variety of workloads
[*]. Robust Magician 4.0 drive management utility

[*]. Lower enterprise performance in mixed workload scenarios

[icon name=icon-circle] IT Portal (May 22, 2013):

Overall, the Samsung 840/840 Pro are a well-targeted set of drives. At the high end, the 840 Pro is competitively priced, and it grabs one of our Best Buy awards. It is, for the moment, the high-end SSD to beat.

Good Points:
[*]. Excellent performance
[*]. Nicely priced
[*]. Five year warranty

Bad Points
[*]. Slower Toggle Mode 1.0 memory interface

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