MyDigitalSSD 256GB OTG Portable External SSD Review

Let us keep it simple. Even a layman should understand what an SSD is. We will give you an in-depth knowledge about an SSD as well as how it is different from an HDD. SSD stands for Solid State Drive. One can say that an SSD is a bigger and more premium version of an USB memory stick and there are no moving parts in an SSD; it only has microchips to store information whereas an HDD will have a mechanical hand and a magnetic platter to store data. SSDs are much faster than HDDs because of the mechanical construction. Solid State Drive will work on NAND-based flash memory, which is non-volatile; therefore, one does not lose the data if the SSD is turned off in between work. A normal SSD uses SATA as a connector where as the smaller SSD uses m-SATA or mini-SATA and fit into the mini-PCI express slot of a laptop. The SSDs are normally priced much higher than the HDDs.

MyDigitalSSD external SSD

Basic Features

Let us take you through the MyDigitalSSD 256 OTG USB 3.0 m-SATA based External SSD. We have added it to our best external portable SSD for its great features that you’re going to learn by reading this short review. This device is an ultra portable Plug And Play drive that will deliver USB 3.0 5GB/s with any USB SCSI Protocol complaint system churning a real world speed of around 460 MB/s. You can call this device a literal pocket or wallet sized gizmo. The size dimension of the OTG mSSD is around 3.5 inches x 2 inches x 0.5 inches. It weighs around only 1 ounce.

The MyDigitalSSD is very much small and light and is extremely portable. One can notice that during file transfers (both read and write) the product generates extreme speeds of 450 MB/s and above. It reduces the wait time and enhances the bandwidth allocations. This not only makes transferring files faster, but also lowers down the CPU utilization; this means that you get extended and a better battery life. This SSD is an on-the-go product; therefore, you can connect it to your laptop/PC and use it right away. You get 4 times faster speeds than that of a traditional HDD, this means you can transfer music, videos, games and other files at the blink of your eyes. You do not have to wait for more than 10 seconds for your machine to boot up.

When compared with a normal flash drive, the OTG m-SSD is around 3000 times faster. The device is compatible with all the USB devices whether they support USB 3.0 or USB 2.0. A USB 3.0 user will witness speeds over 230 MB/s whereas a USB 2.0 user will see speeds around 35 MB/s. One interesting thing is that this device comes with a cable, which is smaller than two business cards kept together (lengthwise). The length of the cable makes it even more convenient to carry. The device weighs only 1 ounce i.e. 28 grams to be approx. A user can run operating system, games, music or videos directly from his OTG m-SSD.

The other amazing features that we found about this device were that it had great security; it gives you a one-time password protection to keep all the guest users away. The device comes with a tough outer case, which makes it resistant to damages due to fall, bumps and rough handling. The SSDs do not have a moving part like the HDDs; therefore, your laptop will become further more battery efficient and conservative. This means that you do not need to charge your laptop every now and then. The MyDigitalSSD OTG m-SSD comes with a 3 years warranty, which means you will not have to pay heavily for the maintenance of your device. You will get the assurance of your device being repaired timely. And yes, of course this device is compatible with Microsoft Windows as well as Mac. One needs to install the software and move on with his/her work.

The users also have certain things to say, many believe that it is very light and compact to use and for that reason it boasts high portability just like other top-rated portable SSDs. Moreover, the overall cost per GB is cheaper than other devices of the same class. Some say that the cable that comes along with the device is much shorter, hence makes it a tad fussy and difficult to use. The cable’s length on the other hand is a big advantage for many of the users. The users are very much happy with the battery life of their devices after they have started to use the m-SSD.

One thing, which a consumer must always consider is the price of the device. It is certainly high ($169 on amazon store). It is therefore better for people who are professionals or high end users. A normal consumer might not find it having that much of utility, unless and until speed is his priority.

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