Best 1TB Solid State Drive (SSD) Offers In Reasonable Prices

A few years ago, and before the emergence of solid state drive (SSD) in the consumer market, a one-terabyte hard disk drive (HDD) made a revolution in the capacity of that kind of storage devices. That time, at which the options for storage devices were very limited, most consumers, including many enthusiasts, did not need [...]

Seagate Laptop Ultrathin HDD, The Company’s Thinnest Drive

By the prevalence of portable storage solutions and the rapid increase of demands for them over the last few years, Seagate noticed the significant value in providing the market with very slim hard drives that do not measure more than 5mm tall. Devices like ultrathin netbooks, notebooks, USB 3.0 storage and tablets are the main [...]

The Fastest SATA III Hard Disk Drive (HDD) – WD VelociRaptor

In this era speed became a very essential factor to determine the quality and superiority of the storage device in any modern computer. With the emergence of extremely demanding software applications (such as HD video/audio editing software) that need a high I/O performance storage solution, and the surfacing of heavy resource games (such as Battlefield [...]

The Benefits Of Adding More RAM To an SSD-Equipped Machine

If you are familiar with computer parts and assembling them you are certainly aware that a major impact can happen to the overall system performance by just a minor hardware upgrade. Speeding up an old computer is possible through several hardware upgrades. Adding a new processor can fulfill the mission, although that often turns into [...]

SATA Express Solid-State Drive (SSD) – The Redefinition Of Speed

SATA Express is the newest specification from SATA-IO that is about to redefine meaning of speed when it comes to storage devices. In a nutshell, SATA Express combines existing SATA infrastructure with the PCI Express interface (hence the name SATA Express), giving users an affordable way to use storage devices that have whopping interface speeds [...]

Intel SSD Toolbox 3.1.6 Has Been Just Released

Many SSD manufacturers accompany their SSD devices with a software utility package that helps getting the most and best of their drives. This package helps to maintain the performance of the SSD and keep it running flawlessly and on the utmost level of functionality. With the testimonials of IT professionals, one of the best things [...]

The Most Reliable Solid State Drive (SSD) – 2015

Reliability is the most significant factor one should consider when selecting a solid-state drive (SSD). Speed is not everything, since when it comes to data, speed means very little if the device holding the important information cannot be trusted. This is because losing data means so much as recovering it can be impossible bringing about [...]

IT Professionals’ Final Verdicts On SanDisk Extreme II SSD

SanDisk may not have been the first name in the solid state drive business, but they’re among the best. Instead of offering a new product like some companies announce a flavor of the week, SanDisk ensures they’ve taken the time to reduce risk and failure to the lowest levels possible for their SSDs. As a [...]

The Brief History Of Solid State Drive (SSD)

Technology is the highly changing factor in the globe and changes the world as it changes. Before the solid-state drives (SSD), there was an infatuation related to non-moving storage dating back to the beginning of personal computing, involving the bubble memory flushing technology, which had died in the 1970’s and 1980’s. The current flash memory [...]

SSD Garbage Collection Briefly Explained

The industry of solid-state drive (SSD) encounters many complex issues pertaining to the design of SSDs. One of these complicate issues is how to manage erasing the pre-used blocks that are no longer in use. That’s saying a lot, because NAND flash presents so very many difficult challenges like wear leveling, bad block management, error [...]