IT Professionals’ Final Verdicts On Intel SSD 520 Series

Intel corporation is worth of lots of credit for helping to popularize solid-state drives among PC enthusiasts. With its flagship line of SSDs, the Cherryville 520 Series SSD, which is a premium drive especially aimed at computer enthusiasts and workstations, Intel is trying the chances to dominate the SSD market by providing enterprise features in [...]

IT Professionals’ Final Verdicts On Corsair Neutron GTX SSD

When “performance” is mentioned, Corsair Neutron GTX cannot be absent from the scene. This nifty solid-state drive is Corsair’s flagship line of SSDs and is aimed to handle tasks with heavy workloads which fulfills the needs of extreme gamers and workstations. This drive has won many awards from IT professionals that can be seen below. [...]

IT Professionals’ Final Verdicts On OCZ Vector SSD

OCZ’s Vector solid state drive (SSD) is the flagship line of OCZ Technology’s SSDs. It’s a high-performance model with cutting-edge features and is aimed at high-end consumer and workstation users. With the Vector, OCZ has built a price and performance competitor to Samsung’s SSD 840 Pro, which previously remained peerless at the top of SSD-experts’ [...]

IT Professionals’ Final Verdicts On Samsung 840 Pro SSD

Since its release date [September 2012] until the current month [July 2012] Samsung 840 Pro Series SSD has been selected as the fastest solid state drive for 2013 for the capacities of 256GB and 512GB (OCZ Vector 128GB beats the corresponding model of Samsung 840 Pro), and I have included it on the top of [...]

MLC NAND Technology – The Core Power Of Premium SSDs

The endurance of NAND flash memory has been always a questionable issue for many of those who plan to buy a solid-state drive (SSD). Although it has been proven by many IT professionals that the endurance of the MLC NAND-based SSDs of today is pretty sufficient (it’s even more than enough) for any enthusiast computer [...]

NAND Flash Technology – The Basic Concepts

You have probably already heard something about NAND flash technology while tracking the news of solid state drives (SSD). You might have been intrigued then to know more about it and have general concept on this issue. This article will provide you with the sufficient education in this regard. Flash Memory (Technically called NAND Flash) [...]

Support Your SSD With A RAM Disk For A Longer Life & Better Speed

RAM disk is a portion of RAM memory that has been configured to work as a virtual drive. In case you do not know what a virtual drive is, it is the space in your storage device (e.g. hard drive, usb flash drive, RAM memory, etc) set up to simulate the functionality of a real [...]

A Few Things To Be Aware Of Before Buying An SSD

Knowing the advantages of solid state drive (SSD) over the conventional mechanical hard disk drive (HDD) makes SSDs the best replacement for HDDs and an appealing choice for everyone who wishes to have a high performance system. (You can read a comparison between SSDs and HDDs HERE) SSDs in general are much more expensive than [...]

The Benefits A Solid State Drive (SSD) Provides To Computers

Some computer users are still unaware of the vast advantage they can gain by using a solid state drive (SSD) in their system. They think it is just a matter of speed and that’s all. Although high speed performance can be the major advantage of an SSD to most people, there are still some people [...]

How Much Is A Hard Disk Drive (HDD) Sensitive To Vibration?

While HDDs are sensitive to vibration which can cause data access delay, one of the advantages SSDs have over HDDs is that they have no moving mechanical components which preserves them from any bad effect caused by shocks and vibration. It has been claimed by some SSD vendors that shock may cause the head of [...]