NAND Flash Technology – The Basic Concepts

You have probably already heard something about NAND flash technology while tracking the news of solid state drives (SSD). You might have been intrigued then to know more about it and have general concept on this issue. This article will provide you with the sufficient education in this regard. Flash Memory (Technically called NAND Flash) [...]

Support Your SSD With A RAM Disk For A Longer Life & Better Speed

RAM disk is a portion of RAM memory that has been configured to work as a virtual drive. In case you do not know what a virtual drive is, it is the space in your storage device (e.g. hard drive, usb flash drive, RAM memory, etc) set up to simulate the functionality of a real [...]

The Benefits A Solid State Drive (SSD) Provides To Computers

Some computer users are still unaware of the vast advantage they can gain by using a solid state drive (SSD) in their system. They think it is just a matter of speed and that’s all. Although high speed performance can be the major advantage of an SSD to most people, there are still some people [...]

How Much Is A Hard Disk Drive (HDD) Sensitive To Vibration?

While HDDs are sensitive to vibration which can cause data access delay, one of the advantages SSDs have over HDDs is that they have no moving mechanical components which preserves them from any bad effect caused by shocks and vibration. It has been claimed by some SSD vendors that shock may cause the head of [...]

Enjoy The Power Of SSD With Windows XP – Is It Possible?

Who of us does not love Windows XP? It has been over than ten years since it was released and still so many people do not want to upgrade to a higher version of Windows (Vista, 7 or 8). As Windows XP means a lot to many computer users, it means to them simplicity away [...]

Solid State Drive (SSD) – What You Need To Know

Many computer enthusiasts who keep track of technology news should have heard of the super-speed flash-based solid state drive (SSD) which makes the best alternative to the traditional spinning hard disk drive. So what’s solid state drive? And why is all the hype around it? A solid-state drive (SSD) is basically a high-performance flash-based storage [...]

SSD In Comparison With HDD – Speed Against Slowness

Hard disk drive (HDD) is one of the most essential parts of any computer on which the operating system is install alongside with user’s personal data. It’s also a speed factor that determines the quality of the overall system responsibility and functionality. But the irritating fact regarding this kind of devices is its negative effects [...]

TRIM Command Is Essential To Maintain The Performance Of SSD

When speaking about maintaining the performance of solid-state drive (SSD) we cannot neglect the important role TRIM command plays in this regard. If you are new to SSD world, you must care for this precious computer part and learn how to properly use it so as to keep it lasting without an issue the longest [...]

SSD Secure Erase Eliminates The Slowness Of Your Drive

SSDs start out really fast and then quickly start to lose their speed and over time become subject to corruption. In fact SSDs require that old data be erased before new data is written over it, rather than just writing over the old information like with hard drives. This doubles the wear and tear and [...]

AHCI Mode Enabled To Fix SSD Low Speed

There are several and various reasons that cause the low performance of an SSD. We’ve addressed the most common of them HERE. One of them was using the standard IDE mode instead of AHCI with an SSD. In this article we will be discussing AHCI mode, what it means and what performance advantages it can [...]