The Cheapest Solid State Drive (SSD) For Laptops & Desktops

Over the past two years, and with the dramatic fall of the prices, solid state drives (SSD) have become a very popular storage upgrade that appeals to a wide variety of users whether they are enthusiasts or mainstream. The reason for this high reputation and vast population of this type of storage device is not [...]

The Best PCI-Express (PCIe) Solid State Drive (SSD) | 2015

M.2 PCIe SSD • If you are looking for an M.2 PCIe solid-state drive (SSD) we advise you to click here. PC enthusiasts give little credence to arbitrary product segmentation. We want the best parts, and we don’t care if they were never meant for our machines. From time to time, this desire has driven [...]

The Best & Fastest M.2 Solid State Drive (SSD) | 2015

Consumer SSD storage seems to flourish dramatically within this year. Competition is increasing, prices are lowering, and speeds are getting much faster—well they will be. By now, many are aware that there is a new SSD standard known as NGFF or M.2. NGFF is actually a slang term that started the process rolling and means [...]

Seagate 1TB Laptop Hybrid Hard Drive (SSHD) Quick Review

Seagate’s Laptop SSHD hybrid drive combines a hard disk with 8GB of flash memory for frequently-accessed files. The gulf in price between hard-disk and solid-state drives remains vast, so do you choose the low-cost and capacity of the former, or is the performance of the latter too good to resist? It’s a tough decision, so [...]

Western Digital (WD) 4TB Blue Desktop SSHD Quick Review

In today’s market, there are countless storage options out there for you to choose for your current system or for a new build that you are planning and in general we find one of two main options being selected for the primary boot drive – this being either a hard drive which offers up large [...]

Seagate Desktop Hybrid Hard Drive (SSHD) Quick Review

It’s common knowledge that the appearance of consumer oriented Solid State Drives (SSDs) revolutionized the storage industry but even after several years in the market their price/capacity ratio is nowhere close to the one of regular mechanical drives and that’s something that drives away casual consumers who are not really interested in getting the highest [...]

Western Digital Black2 1TB Hybrid Hard Drive Quick Review

Ever since NAND Flash began to take off, customers on a budget or with limited drive storage have had to make a choice between small pools of solid-state storage and larger, far slower, mechanical drives. The Western Digital Black2 Dual Drive is the company’s first foray into the world of hybrid storage—products that combine solid [...]

Toshiba 1TB Hybrid Hard Drive (SSHD) [MQ01ABD100H] Quick Review

Hard disks are old, clunky and noisy devices and they’re bulky too, but at least from a storage point of view they’re cheap. On the other hand SSDs are fast, quiet and discrete by comparison, but of course they’re expensive. Maybe something that sits between the two would be the answer!? Something that was faster [...]

Your Buying Guide To The Best USB External Hard Drive (HDD)

If you’re like many people, you’ve been slowly but surely accumulating media on your computer. Maybe you have 4,000 digital photos sitting in folders on your desktop, or maybe you’re a hardcore music collector who has been downloading from iTunes like a fiend. Either way, that media takes up precious space on your computer and [...]

VisionTek Wallet Drive – A Leather-Bound HDD Enclosure

As with most things in the world today, the ability to personalize your storage is a luxury most of us have. With that said, vendors continually release new enclosure designs further widening the range of product from which we can choose. While many of these storage enclosures offer great performance, not all are created equal, [...]