Shadow Mini™ External 256GB Portable SSD Review

We will first of all let you know the concept of a portable Solid State Drive. What is an SSD? An SSD or Solid State Drive is just like any other expandable memory drive, also known or rather better known as a flash drive. A flash drive is generally very tiny in size, it has [...]

MyDigitalSSD 256GB OTG Portable External SSD Review

Let us keep it simple. Even a layman should understand what an SSD is. We will give you an in-depth knowledge about an SSD as well as how it is different from an HDD. SSD stands for Solid State Drive. One can say that an SSD is a bigger and more premium version of an [...]

Samsung T1 Portable 250GB USB 3.0 External SSD Review

An SSD (Solid State Drive) stores your data in interconnected flash memory chips as compared to an HDD, which stores your data in its magnetic coating platter. The speed of an SSD is much faster than that of an HDD. SDD’s have a longer durability, they do not have moving parts, and therefore, dropping them [...]

The Best 120mm and 200mm Computer (PC) Case Cooling Fans

Keeping your computer cool at a low temperature is a very important action to carry out in order to ensure that all your computer components are working at their utmost performance without having to slacken due to the raise of heat level. That's because high temperatures bring out the burning of the microscopic electrical circuits [...]

The Ultimate List Of Best Hard Disk Drives (HDD)

This is our best selections in the hard disk drive realm. Each of those drives come with high reliability and speed, and are categorized according to the types of users ranging from enterprise down to mainstream. ** Top-Speed High-End Hard Drives [Enterprise Performance] ** The hard drives listed in this category are the fastest and [...]

The Advantages And Benefits Of Solid State Drive (SSD)

The advent of solid state drive (SSD) in the last few years as a viable alternative to the traditional hard drive (HDD) providing a much higher speed than the latter and other considerable advantages, has built up the reputation of this flash-based storage technology so quickly to the point that so many IT professionals were [...]

The Best & Fastest mSata Solid State Drives (SSD) | 2015 post image

The Best & Fastest mSata Solid State Drives (SSD) | 2015

If there was one thing we wouldn't have predicted, it was the rush of computer enthusiasts lining up to be the first to have what amounts to be the smallest and most powerful consumer storage medium available. The popularity of mSATA SSDs is probably one of the more unexpected SSD trends to show its face [...]

Samsung 850 EVO mSATA SSD – Quick Review post image

Samsung 850 EVO mSATA SSD – Quick Review

Samsung latest efforts in economy SSD segment is known as SSD 850 Evo, which proved solid performance and amazing endurance at a very appealing price for budget users who seek a compromise between quality and cost. The wonderful part here is that the performance of the new mSATA SSD version of 850 EVO serious is [...]

The Best & Fastest Internal Hard Disk Drive (HDD) Brands post image

The Best & Fastest Internal Hard Disk Drive (HDD) Brands

This article is outdated. Please visit: The Internal Hard Drive Guide 2016 Which Drive Do You Need? • If you're looking for the fastest hard drive no matter how much it costs, we strongly recommend you to obtain a solid-state drive (SSD) instead. • If you are looking for the best hard drive upgrade for [...]

Comparing The Reliability and Performance Of SSD and HDD post image

Comparing The Reliability and Performance Of SSD and HDD

It's not difficult to realize why solid state drives (SSD) are way better than traditional hard disk drives (HDD). It has been said a lot all over the places, whether by an expert or even a regular user. Although the price of an SSD is higher than that of an HDD, but to many people [...]