The Best Solid State Drive (SSD) For Laptop & Notebook

This article is outdated. Please visit: Laptop SSD Guide [2016] Laptop computers have become very popular among the majority of mainstream and professional users who look for flexible portable solutions with which they can carry out their digital tasks without having to be constrained by place or time unlike the case with tdesktop computers. This [...]

The Largest [Biggest] Solid State Drive (SSD) Out There

Up until recently the low-capacity limitation of a solid-state drive (SSD) was accounted a major drawback in comparison to the traditional rotational hard disk drive (HDD) that used to offer tremendous capacity to its consumers. At the time where SSD manufacturers were striving roughly to reach the 1TB capacity limitation, the HDD manufacturers (like Seagate [...]

The Best & Fastest Solid State Drive (SSD) For Gaming

This article is outdated. Please visit: Gaming SSD Guide 2016 Over the past 5 decades, video games have evolved dramatically from being just like any simple light-weight software application to high levels of complexity and professionalism. From blocky pixels, to pointy polygons, all the way to today’s modern HD graphics, all of our most beloved [...]

Best USB 3.0 External Portable Solid State Drive (SSD) post image

Best USB 3.0 External Portable Solid State Drive (SSD)

This article is outdated. Please visit: Portable External Solid State Drive Guide 2016 What can be worse than being in situation where you are running out of time while you are in an extreme need for a very quick access to your externally-stored data, or you want to perform a large-file-transfer process out from your [...]

Corsair Flash Voyager GTX USB 3.0 256 GB Review

A flash drive is a data storage device or drive that has a flash memory and a USB interface. A USB flash drive is a PLUG and PLAY device. It is much smaller than an HDD. Their storage capacity has gradually improved from 2 GB to a massive 1 TB. USB flash drives are used [...]

Verbatim 256 GB Vx450 External SSD 47681 Review

If it is speed that you are looking for, then A Solid State Drive (short SSD) should be your last option. HDD or Hard Disk Drives are comparatively slower than Solid State Drives. The main reason for this is that SSDs store data in microchips, whereas, HDDs store data in a magnetic platter. Now, HDDs [...]

Shadow Mini™ External 256GB Portable SSD Review

We will first of all let you know the concept of a portable Solid State Drive. What is an SSD? An SSD or Solid State Drive is just like any other expandable memory drive, also known or rather better known as a flash drive. A flash drive is generally very tiny in size, it has [...]

MyDigitalSSD 256GB OTG Portable External SSD Review

Let us keep it simple. Even a layman should understand what an SSD is. We will give you an in-depth knowledge about an SSD as well as how it is different from an HDD. SSD stands for Solid State Drive. One can say that an SSD is a bigger and more premium version of an [...]

Samsung T1 Portable 250GB USB 3.0 External SSD Review

An SSD (Solid State Drive) stores your data in interconnected flash memory chips as compared to an HDD, which stores your data in its magnetic coating platter. The speed of an SSD is much faster than that of an HDD. SDD’s have a longer durability, they do not have moving parts, and therefore, dropping them [...]

The Best 120mm and 200mm Computer (PC) Case Cooling Fans

Keeping your computer cool at a low temperature is a very important action to carry out in order to ensure that all your computer components are working at their utmost performance without having to slacken due to the raise of heat level. That’s because high temperatures bring out the burning of the microscopic electrical circuits [...]