What’s the PS4 Microphone, and How to Use it?

As the world goes increasingly onto the PS4’s, so have microphones, which now come in an easy-to-install and easy-to-use form specifically for PS4 use. There are various PS4 USB microphones from which to choose, all with individual strengths and features. So before buying a PS4 USB microphone, consider its primary function. That way you ensure to get the sound quality that is best for your needs.

The PS4 microphone is a device that translates sound vibrations in the air into electronic signals. It also scribes these vibrations to a recording medium. PS4 mics enable many types of audio recording devices for purposes including communications of many kinds, as well as music and speech recording.

PS4 Mic Definition

PS4 mic that works very wellSo, what’s the PS4 Mic? Let’s get a brief definition of it before going deeper into the topic.

The PS4 Mic is a device that captures audio by converting sound waves into an electrical signal. This signal can be amplified as an analog signal or may be converted to a digital signal. That way it the PS4 CPU can process it or other digital audio device.

While all microphones (or “mics”) serve the same basic function, they can capture audio in several different ways. Therefore, multiple classes of microphones exist.

Types of PS4 Mics

There’s an overwhelming number of PS4 microphones out there. Even picking the best PS4 gaming microphones is a pretty daunting task. But it doesn’t have to be as dizzying as it seems. Even though the number of microphones for PS4 in production increases every year, there’s only so many ways to capture sound waves in the air.

So if you know what PS4 microphone type you need to use, you’ll be able to narrow down your choices and find the right tool for the job.

There are 4 types of PS4 microphone:

  • Dynamic Microphones
  • Large Diaphram Condensor Microphones
  • Small Diaphram Condensor Microphones
  • Ribbon Microphones

In recording, PS4 microphone choice is probably the most important factor after the quality of the instrument itself.

Learn how to get it right by selecting the right microphone types for your PS4 game console and get the best mic for your needs.

Now that you know when to choose dynamics, ribbons or condensers get back to your music and mic something up!

Which Microphones Should You Use For PS4?

A PS4 headset with mic is preferred by most enthusiasts.Talking about a suitable microphone for PS4 means you need to bear in mind different considerations. Now that you know the different types of PS4 mics, which should you use, and for what purpose? Usually PS4 users want a mic to use for talking with their friends/opponents in online gaming.

Yes, the PS4 mic can be more than a device you connect to your game console. When recording vocals or talking to friends, you could use all three PS4 mic types – it entirely depends on the vocalist. Different types of PS4 microphones are popular for recording different genres and vocal tones.

Additionally, it’s not always the right thing to search for the best mic for PS4. For example, a warm gamer might want to use a dynamic PS4 mic to accent his natural timbre. You should bear in mind that not all microphones are alike, especially the ones you pick for Ps4. But he might also want to use a small diaphragm condenser to counteract it if its too much! A bright gamer might want to use a condenser PS4 mic to accentuate her nature timbre, but could also use a ribbon mic for PS4 if her tone needs to be tamed. You can also opt for a PS4 headset with mic, this can save you more space on the table.

There’s lots of options. That’s why it pays to have two or three microphone types that you can test on each gamer/player. You won’t know what will sound best until you try.

How PS4 Mic is used

If you need a rule of thumb, though, here it is:

  • Dynamic PS4 mics are better for more aggressive gamers or genres like rock and metal.
  • Condenser PS4 mics are better for more controlled genres, like alternative and pop.
  • Ribbon PS4 mics are better for very “vibey” genres, like folk, jazz, or blues.

Don’t forget, though: the techniques you use to record affect the sound just as much as the PS4 mic.

What to Look for in the Best Microphone for PS4

different types of PS4 microphonesSo, if you have eventually made up your mind to get a microphone for PS4, you have to deeply think of a few things. What kind of PS4 microphone you should buy depends on a few things. Moreover, don’t forget the quality of voice the PS4 mic generates. The most important being what you need it for, what kind of set up you already have, and how much you’re willing to spend. Why would a PS4 mic do the verbal tasks while there are other similar devices you can use for this purpose? For the sake of argument, let’s assume your budget is somewhere between a cheap USB microphone and a high-quality stand mic.

Here you should always be careful what type of mic you want for PS4. The first question to settle out of the gate is whether you plan to use a PS4 USB microphone or an XLR for high-definition sound. If you go with the latter, keep in mind you’ll at least need a compatible sound card for your PS4 (or an external audio unit for other consoles).

Don’t ever go for a mic just because it seems good and comes at a cheap price. A good PS4 mic will amaze you use it correctly. Neither of these are a problem, as both the Xbox One and the PS4 have optical audio outputs you can use with a compatible soundboard. Having a PS4 headset with mic will also do the job perfectly. If going professional is your thing, XLR is the way to go. That said, there are a lot of cool things happening with PS4 USB microphones these days.

The Standards to Look For

There are a few standards the mic has to conform to in order to draw your attention. Some other things to consider when choosing a new PS4 gaming mic are:

  • Wide Frequency Response Range. PS4 Microphones tend to brag about their tremendous range. The truth is, we only hear a range of 20Hz through 20kHz—that’s shallow bass through high treble.
  • Plug and Play Simplicity. The PS4 microphone must work seamlessly with your system.
  • Suitability for Your Environment.
    • Omnidirectional PS4 mics can pick up your voice if you are not directly in front of them.
    • Lavalier PS4 microphones can clip onto your clothing and reduce ambient noise.
    • Unidirectional PS4 microphones only capture sound coming from a specific side. If it’s aimed at you, it will not pick up other voices in the room.
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty. If you’re investing in a good gaming PS4 microphone, a one- or two-year warranty should be a priority.
  • Using PS4 Mic to Record Gaming Commentaries

    choosing the best mic for PS4 is mandatory for enthusiastsSo, how to record gaming commentaries using a PS4 mic? In recent years, gaming has become a social activity in pretty much every way conceivable. Gone are the days of adding a wired controller to your console so that your friend could join in with your game. We can now play on massive servers with friends and strangers alike!

    Moreover, the PS4 mic can help you record good commentaries while gaming. On top of this, a whole social world surrounds the games we love, with forums, online communities, and, of course, YouTube. Many gamers have seen themselves turn to creating gaming videos such as commentaries to share among friends or even make money from!

    Don’t look just for a cheap microphone for PS4, but rather seek the quality instead. In order to create gaming commentaries, both the audio and video must be good quality. Even if you don’t get a PS4 headset with mic, you can still buy each one separately. Knowing the basics of video editing and audio recording is enough to get started, and you can start creating game commentaries in no time. The PS4 mic can do more than what you think it can.

    Most gamers have a way of recording video through capture cards (and even the gaming capture capacities built-in to your console) but recording audio is something people tend to struggle with. But— getting professional audio sound doesn’t have to be costly or difficult.

    Types of PS4 Gaming Commentary

    If you have ambitions to create PS4 gaming videos, they will probably fall into one of the categories below:

    • Lets Play’s – Screenshots and PS4 gaming footage, effectively a ‘playthrough’ accompanied by commentary.
    • Reviews – A PS4 gaming review in audio format, accompanied by footage or screenshots from the game.
    • Walkthroughs – Similar to Lets Play‘s but with more of a ‘tutorial’ focus. These are more informative and designed to help other PS4 gamers progress through the gameplay.
    • Reactions – These are great for things like unboxings and buying expansion packs and in-game items. Effectively you’re just recording yourself reacting in reel time!
    • Best of Lists – These require a bit more planning but can be very good for growing a following.

    Finding the best gaming microphone for PS4


    One of the most important factor to consider when buying a PS4 mic is the price. Budget will always steer us in a particular direction, especially if you’re in need of a simple solution without a few bells and whistles. We found a range of microphones for PS4 in this article, going from $50 or less all the way to a few hundred bucks. For this reason, pick the PS4 microphone that fits nicely into your budget. The following factors may entail you start saving up if you don’t have the cash now, or if you’re in need of just something to portray your voice to other gamers, we recommend just grabbing something in your price-range.

    Type of microphone

    So, you have already learnt that there are different types of PS4 mics. Similar to a few of our other guides on task-specific needs, such as our vlogging microphones or even mics for YouTube articles (since those are recording uses but also streaming). You should always look for the type that suits your needs best. we’ll spell out a few options that you have when it comes to the types of microphone you can buy, in particular for PS4 console.

    USB microphones

    By far the most popular choice for gamers, USB mics are very convenient since you basically just plug them into your computer and you’re good to go (all USB mics are compatible with PS4, just as long as you have a USB port of course). They come in many different shapes, sizes, and price-points, so a majority of our picks down below will cover a range of different USB microphones for PS4.

    Condenser microphones

    Among the various sorts of mics on the market, there are some that fits the purpose of using a PS4 mic. Technically USB mics are ‘condenser mics’, but in this bullet-point we mean studio condensers that don’t connect with USB but instead use something called an XLR connection. These aren’t as popular for any PS4 use, since they have a little more that go into them, and are instead preferred by musicians who record and need tip-top quality.

    We do know a few PS4 gamers, in particular those who stream, podcast, or anything that involves actually recording. You can prefer XLR connected studio condensers since they give us more power and better quality. Also, not all PS4 mics are alike. You’ll need phantom power (an external device to power up the PS4 mic, since USB mics get their power straight from your PS4), and a few other accessories, such as mic stands or pop filters (USB mics have these built-in or come with them in the box). Nevertheless, the PS4 mic that doesn’t meet your expectations, just don’t care about it. But if you’re one to want to stand out from the rest, we recommend going this route instead of a simple USB PS4 mic.

    Gaming setting

    You have to configure your gaming settings in order to use the utmost of the PS4 mic. Are you playing PS4 in your living room? On-the-go on your smart device? This will definitely dictate the type of PS4 mic you buy because those on a desk will need a solution that remains stationary near or on their desk. Now, a PS4 headset with mic is being used by many enthusiasts. On the other hand, while those in a living room will need to be creative depending on how you like to game (being able to keep the mic close to you). Don’t worry here if the PS4 mic doesn’t work in the very beginning. If you’re on-the-go and have some more versatility with a smart device such as a phone or tablet, there are some better options for you out there as well.

    Additive features

    More features of the PS4 mic means additional price. This is always last in our microphone guides because ‘additive’ doesn’t necessarily mean “I really need this”. For those who just want a mic to stand at their desk and capture your voice, you won’t need some of the following popular features. These we’ve seen in higher-priced PS4 mics: attenuation switches, bass roll offs, multiple polar pattern switches, gain and volume control on the PS4 mic itself, included carrying cases, or any microphone bundles and packages that come with accessories you may want (typically with studio condensers).

    Using PS4 Microphone Correctly

    get to know the specs of PS4 mic before buying itDynamic microphones aren’t particularly sensitive, which makes them perfect for loud sources. This is why you often see them on snare drums and guitar amps.

    Because they’re insensitive, they’re very versatile. Dynamic mics are used on all kinds of sounds in the studio.

    And because they’re usually the cheapest of the mic types, they’re also easiest to stock up on.

    There’s one more factor you may want to consider before you review our top choices. And it is an important one: price. The market is filled with studio-quality microphones for several hundred dollars. Are you recording music or voice-overs for high-quality videos? Then the more expensive microphones are definitely for you.

    Steps to follow

    There are a few steps you have to follow in order to use the PS4 mic the right way. Dynamic microphones have a unidirectional pattern (otherwise known as a cardioid pattern – because it looks like a heart). This means that the mic picks up sound in the direction it is being pointed, and cancels out any sound coming from behind it.

    1. Unpack the PS4 mic and get it ready to plug into the PS4 mic port. If you’re gaming and you don’t need that level of perfection, there’s no reason to spend that much.
    2. Turn off your PS4 before connecting the mic into it. Just decide which features are most important to you, as this will narrow down your choices and determine the price range.
    3. Once the PS4 mic is connected, turn on the PS4 and let it boot up. This type of polar pattern is great for home recording studios where the room is your worst enemy.
    4. When the PS4 system is fully loaded, go to the audio settings and configure the PS4 mic from there. You can strategically place your recording microphones to point away from reverberant parts of your room.
    5. Now, try your PS4 mic and check whether it works as you want or not. It’s a great way to compensate for being in a bedroom or living room.

    If you’re a gamer, it doesn’t matter how much of a team player you are. The PS4 mic should work flawlessly once you follow the right steps. If your team can’t hear what you’re saying, you lose. Why let a poor quality, built-in microphone cost you one more game? If you’ve invested in a quality gaming setup, you’re going to want the best microphone for gaming. A great PS4 microphone will improve your gaming experience.

    Is PS4 Mic Worth It?

    a standard PS4 mic that comes without headphonesOne of the most important questions here is about whether the PS4 mic worth it or not. Audio-Technica has been in the sound business for over 50 years. Originally established to make phonograph cartridges for vinyl records, Audio-Technica has won countless industry awards for its vast line of audio accessories. This includes headphones, microphones, mixers, wireless systems, and more.

    However, the PS4 mic can do really a nice job if you want to record your voice for your friends. When it comes to gear for gaming overall, we have a lot of aspects to consider. In terms of audio, a lot of people settle with just the headphones that come with their headsets. The specs of PS4 mic are what you should consider firstly and mostly. If you’ve been in gaming for a while like me, you’re most likely familiar with 90% of the headsets out there, but also know that the microphones aren’t necessarily the focal points of the device.

    Dynamic mics are often used on instruments with a lot of low-mid energy. They have a presence boost in the high mids to compensate for that.

    Fun fact? Audio-Technical has provided flawless audio coverage of every event ranging from World Cups to the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremonies.

    Gauge your needs

    Do you really need a PS4 mic? You have to think about an appropriate answer to this question. The ModMic is often called the best budget mic for gaming, considering it’s dirt-cheap, better than your usual headset mic and can be attached to your pre-existing headphones. It’s also the best clip on mic for gaming, for sure.

    Also, unlike other options on this list, it has an included pop filter! This means that your setup and extra investment is minimal.

    All you have to do is plug it in, clip it onto your headset and you’re in business.

    There are ways to better your audio experience with gaming even more optimally. Also, specifically if you want to use headphones that are studio monitor quality or even better quality than headsets that do not come with a PS4 microphone. Don’t think that PS4 mics don’t perform so well as you may have heard from others. If you are however interested in what most people use for gaming, you can read our top 10 gaming headsets or even wireless gaming headsets articles to check out what’s out there as well.

    PS4 Mic Specs

    There are not many specifications of PS4 Mic to talk about. Most gamers, however, ignore this aspect and settle for the attached mic of a gaming headset. Although that can be a great choice if you’re just setting up your PS4 game console, a standalone microphone offers a really top-class sound quality. Additionally, tt really makes communications with your rivals and your team members a breeze.

    The PS4 mic has various specifications that you have to look into. Up first as our recommendation as the best gaming microphone is a brand new USB mic made by Samson. So, if a PS4 headset with mic doesn’t suit your needs, go for a standalone mic. It’s a quite popular brand in the budget-friendly mic world. This one however has made a name for itself, and we personally were able to test it out at the NAMM show (our Samson G-Track PRO review can give you some more details).

    What else that has to draw your attention in a PS4 mic? Coming with a large-diaphragm (25mm) dual 1″ capsule for a big pickup pattern to grab our voices well, this one is a condenser microphone. So, the PS4 mic specifications should always be in your checklist before buying one. That means it’s specialty is capturing what’s in front of it and rejecting the back and sides — perfect for those gaming and need a little desktop microphone to sit by your side while you game.

    It should be something better than your headphone’s inbuilt mic. Also, factors like ease-of-use, budget, and setup options can be a bit tricky, so depending on what works for you, you can go for a gaming microphone accordingly. In this article, we’ve reviewed some of the best gaming mics on offer.


    Buying a good PS4 mic is not a difficult thing really. You only need to know how to choose the one that suits you best. However, you can also use its ‘polar pattern switch’ in case you need to change how it picks up sound. That’s all depending on how you position or really use this thing — change to you want to pick up in all directions (perhaps recording more than one person in a room?) or even birectional to do front and back if needed.

    Yes, there’re different mics that fit the PS4, but what really fits your needs is the most important part. So, if you’re a serious PS4 gamer, it is high time you go for a dedicated mic. Without an exaggeration, it’s because that can allow great communications which can boost your gaming performance by several notches. Also, not all PS4 microphones are alike. And when we talk about a standalone mic, we don’t necessarily mean a studio-level microphone because as gamers, we don’t need that.