What’s the PS4 Power Cord, and How to Replace It?

The PS4 power cord, power connector, mains cable or line cord – call it with any of those names but the purpose it serves would not change. This power cord the PS4 uses let you connect your PS4 through itself with one of its ends plugged in the wall socket or a wall extension board and its other end is plugged in the receptacle installed on the PS4, to build a system of temporary connection.

Game consoles, which are purely power backed, need such a power cord to get connected with the main electrical supply line for powering and energizing itself. But if you have made your PS4 battery backed, it will majorly need the connection only to recharge the battery. A power cord is capable of carrying alternating current as well as direct current.

One end of the power cord has the plug and the other end has a connector. The connector is inserted in the receptacle and the plug is plugged in the wall socket. Both these ends can be of male or female origin.

PS4 powe cord for UK users

Replacing Damaged PS4 Power Cord

The PS4 power cord may get damaged for several reasons, and once that happens the PS4 may malfunction or stop working at all. The health of the PS4 power cord is very important to maintain the health of the PS4 inner components. That’s because a defective power cord can transmit disordered power surges that will harm the innards of the PS4. This will eventually result in a total defectiveness of the game console itself and destroy it.

For this reason, if you really care about the health of your PS4, you must always ensure the power cord is intact and healthy.

Best Power Cord Replacement for PS4

There are not many brands to recommend here for PS4 power cord replacement, but we’ll recommend one cord for each PS4 model.

Chanzon 2 Prong Non Polarized AC Power Cord

PS4 power cord replacement
This is a great power cord replacement for the standard PS4.

AmazonBasics Replacement Power Cable

PS4 Slim Power Cord Replacement
As for PS4 Slim and NEW PS4 Pro, this power cord works perfectly and it fits very well. (not that the old PS4 Pro won’t work with this one, so please check the power socket of your PS4 Pro to ensure it’s the relevant product). Generally, this one is compatible with latest PS4 Pro CUH-7200 series (Note: not compatible with elder PS4 Pro CUH-7000 series).

AmazonBasics PS4 Pro Replacement Power Cable Cord

PS4 Pro Power cord replacement
Note that it only fits for the OLD PS4 Pro, not the updated version. The updated version of PS4 Pro has a cable similar to that of PS4 Slim.

What is the PS4 Power Cord?

This PS4 power cord, line cord, or mains cable is an electrical cable that temporarily connects the PS4 to the mains electricity supply via a wall socket or extension cord. Tired of using your PS4 in lecture halls with 300+ seats and one outlet. When you get a PS4 AC power cord you should make sure it’s functioning properly in order to have it for your console. or when all the seats next to the outlets are full? (and you’re too lazy to charge your PS4 beforehand) You can easily lengthen your power cord to reach 25 feet and add a 3-way plug, while still being able to store it relatively easily.

The PS4 power cord is big mess of tangled wires with practically no way to organize things. It’s like the PS4 companies wanted you to hate them. The thick 120v cord is the same length as the skinny charging cord, why? Maybe for when the outlet is 5 feet off the ground? couldn’t it just hang off the plug (probably violates some code or law… oh well )

so, what does the PS4 power cord do? That’s such an important question here. I’m doing 3 things, you can choose to do as many you want and you will still have a much awesome PS4 power cord.

Steps to repair the PS4 power cord

If you’re going to repair the PS4 power cord instead of buying a new one, these steps might help you. Note that you have to follow them carefully so as to not damage the power cord.

  1. Shortening the big 120v cord so it wraps around the brick only once.
  2. Adding a 3-way plug to the power cord so I can charge when all the outlets are full.
  3. lengthening the small charging cord to 20′ to reach farther.

I used auto-strippers to look inside the round charging cord that comes from the brick, and confirmed that is only 2 wires (one central wire and braiding on the outside). You’ll need a PS4 AC cord in order to do that properly. I think I’ve seem some PS4 plugs with a muli-pronged plug that carry a couple voltages to the PS4, this couldn’t be replaced with 2-strand wire.

Additionally, you should not think that any AC power cord will work with PS4, no. The terms are generally used for cables using a power plug to connect to a single-phase alternating current power source at the local line voltage—(generally 100 to 240 volts, depending on the location). The terms power cable, mains lead, flex or kettle lead are also used. The PS4 replacement power cord should be compatible with the PS4 power socket. A lamp cord (also known as a zip cord) is a light-weight, ungrounded, single-insulated two-wire cord used for small loads such as a table or floor lamp.

Types of PS4 Power Cord

A PS4 power cord set includes connectors molded to the cord at each end (see PS4 coupler). Cord sets are detachable from both the power supply and the electrical equipment, and consist of a flexible cord with electrical connectors at either end, one male, and one female. There are three types of PS4 power cords that vary depending on the model of your console.

One end of the PS4 power cord set is attached to a molded electrical plug; the other is typically a molded electrical receptacle to prevent the possibility of having an exposed live prong or pin which would cause electric shock. Make sure the type of PS4 power cord is the one that fits into the power socket of your PS4. The female connector attaches to the piece of equipment or PS4 while the male plug connects to the electrical receptacle or outlet.

You should know that not any type of AC power cord will work with PS4. Instead of pointing down, I used the rubber tape to make the power wire point sideways out of the brick instead of down out the bottom. Always pick the right type of cord if you want the PS4 to function properly.

  • wrap the short 20 foot charge cord around the brick about 3/4 wrapped up.
  • wrap the 120v power cord around the brink the long way, over the and the charge cord. It’s only long enough to reach back to the other side.
  • wrap the rest of the charge cord over the big power cord to keep in in place. Put the end through one of the loops or something to stop it from untangling.

You now have a much neater, much longer, and much better power cord.

How to Use the PS4 Power Cord

Using the PS4 power cord is way too easier than what you might think. After years of being thrown in travel bags, tripped over, and quite literally dragged through the dirt many PS4 power cords succumb to the abuse and begin to fray. You should never use a wet cord when connecting your PS4 to electricity. Eventually the fraying cord will break apart and no longer power your PS4. Use always a solid material when you want to have an AC power cord for PS4. Here’s how to rescue your power cord from the landfill, and save yourself a few bucks along the way!

PS4 uses C7 type power cord

The PS4 power cables may be either fixed or detachable from the PS4. They connect to the PS4 power supply and the electrical socket on the wall. In the case of detachable leads, the PS4 end of the power cord has a female connector to link it to the PS4, to avoid the dangers from having a live protruding pin. Additionally, you should not turn on the PS4 power supply until you are sure everything is safe around you. Cords may also have twist-locking features, or other attachments to prevent accidental disconnection at one or both ends. power may emit from it, so this is really dangerous.

PS4 Power Supply Management

The PS4 power cord can break and A cord set may include accessories such as fuses for overcurrent protection, a pilot lamp to indicate voltage is present, or a leakage current detector. Power cords for sensitive instruments, or audio/video equipment may also include a shield over the power conductors to minimize electromagnetic interference.

A power cord or PS4 coupler may have a retaining clamp, a mechanical device that prevents it from inadvertently being pulled or shaken loose. Make sure the PS4 power supply is also in a good health, not only the power cord. Typical application areas with stricter safety requirements include medical technology, stage and lighting technology, and computing equipment. The voltage of PS4 power supply differ from a territory to another.

The Method

So, how to manage the PS4 power supply and get it work safely without any trouble? For specialty equipment such as construction machinery, sound and lighting equipment, emergency medical defibrillators and electrical power tools, used in locations without a convenient power source, extension cords are used to carry the electric current up to hundreds of feet away from an outlet. So, to learn more about connecting the PS4 power cord to the power supply, think about the following steps.

  1. Make sure the PS4 power supply doesn’t have any scratch or damage on its surface. Begin by ensuring that your power cord is disconnected from both your PS4 and from the wall outlet.
  2. From this point forward I will refer to the end that connects to your PS4 as the “low voltage cable” and the end that connects to the wall as the “high voltage cable”.
  3. Throughout the remainder of this repair we will be exposed to circuitry that poses a shock risk.
  4. DO NOT touch components or their leads unless you are absolutely sure you understand what you are handling.
  5. The PS4 power supply should be installed directly inside the PS4 case. This is a simple repair that does NOT require even a moderate electronics knowledge you only need to be able to solder.
  6. All the risk is in touching components/contacts incidentally or intentionally that you are not instructed to touch.
  7. Never try to repair a power supply that is in service or connected to any source (i.e. a PS4 or wall power).
  8. Proceed at your own risk.

That’s it. Even when you have a good PS4 power supply, you should get a solid power cable to make sure everything works well. In North America, the National Electrical Manufacturers Association develops standards for electrical plugs and receptacles and cables.

PS4 Power Cord Specs

The main specification of the PS4 power cord is that it should be a C7 male connection. International power cords and plug adapters are used in conjunction with electrical PS4s in countries different from those in which they were designed to operate. Besides a cord with one end compatible to receptacles or a device from one country and the other end compatible with receptacles or devices from another country, a voltage converter is usually necessary, as well, to protect travelers’ electronic devices, such as PS4s, from the differing voltages between the United States and places like Europe or Africa.

PS4 power supply

The PS4 power cord, c13 is described by International Electrotechnical Commission with the 60320 standard. The standard determines the electrical, mechanical, thermal requirements and safety operations of the specified power cable cord. The selection of the coupler connector also depends upon the shape, dimensions and size of the appliance to be connected with the power cord.

North American lamp cords have two single-insulated conductors designed for low-current applications. The insulator covering one of the conductors is ribbed (parallel to wire) for the entire length of the cord, while the other conductor’s insulator is smooth. The smooth one is hot and the ribbed one is neutral.

The c13 power cord is rated at 15A/250V and 10A/250V With the temperature rating up to 65° Celsius. This maximum temperature rating is the pin temperature. The c13 power cord contains Earth Contact and it also allows rewirable connector.

How long is the PS4 power cord?

The PS4 power cable is almost 6 feet long. Lets continue by unplugging the high voltage cable from the power brick (if your power supply allows for this), and by making a single cut through the low voltage cable near the fraying cord. You must make sure when buying a PS4 power cord to be at the same length at least. Ensure the fraying portion of the low voltage cable is left attached to the power brick so we can remove it.

Set the high & low voltage cables to the side. We will need them later.

Does the PS4 Pro use the same power cord as PS4?

Well, the answer is NO. Both model use different power cords. But after the release of the update version of PS4 Pro, now the PS4 Pro shares the same power cord type with PS4 slim. Depending on the manufacturer power bricks are held closed in a variety of ways. Some have screws, some are glued, some have locking tabs, and some are even welded. Use your discretion as far as how to open your power brick, but the majority I have encountered were either glued or welded.


The PS4 power cord is one of the most important parts of the PS4. Therefore, the PS4 console won’t be able to boot if the power cord is not working. IEC 60320 power cables come in normal and high-temperature variants, as well as various rated currents. The connectors have slightly different shapes to ensure that it is not possible to substitute a cable with a lower temperature or current rating, but that it is possible to use an overrated cable. The PS4 power cord’s color is black and is about 6-feet long. Cords also have different types of exterior jackets available to accommodate environmental variables such as moisture, temperature, oils, sunlight, flexibility, and heavy wear. When trying to replace the PS4 power cord, make sure to take your safety precautions. For example, a heating PS4 may come with a cord designed to withstand accidental contact with heated surfaces.