Samsung T1 Portable 250GB USB 3.0 External SSD Review

An SSD (Solid State Drive) stores your data in interconnected flash memory chips as compared to an HDD, which stores your data in its magnetic coating platter. The speed of an SSD is much faster than that of an HDD. SDD’s have a longer durability, they do not have moving parts, and therefore, dropping them would not damage your data. SSDs are now increasing in number, earlier they were lower than HDDs. Since they are non-mechanical in nature, SSDs do not make any sort of noise while they are being operated. HDDs do make a little noise as they have the drive spinning. SSDs are much more advanced because they have that extra speed, sturdiness and better form factor. External SSDs will always increase the storage capacity for your data than what your laptop/PC will come with. They will always come as a life saving option for all your data backup.

Samsung T1 Portable External SSD

Basic Features

The Samsung T1 Portable 250 GB USB 3.0 External SSD comes in with advanced cutting edge technology to increase the portability of all your important data. You can confidently rely on it for storing and transferring your data. We have chosen it as our best external SSD available in market today. It also has a capacity of 250 GB, it is portable, and has both USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 compatibility. The transfer rate of both reading and writing is 450 MB/second, which has been powered by the Turbo Write Technology. It is slim, compact and stylish. The device comes with laser patterning and metallic design to match your style statement. It works in both Windows and MAC computers after a simple setup process. The size of the device is little, it measures only 2.8*0.4*2.0 inches. One can say that the device is a tad bigger than a thumbdrive. The material that has been used for the body is of plastic, which makes it very much lighter, 26 grams to be much more precise. The T1 has encryption support, as it comes with AES 256-bit protection; all you need to do is an easy password setup to secure your important data. The T1 will perform just as an internal SSD would do, you can access all your files in no time.

Connecting the device to your computer is very much simple; all you need to do is connect a micro USB cable to your T1’s USB 3.0 port and then to your computer/laptop’s USB 3.0 port, this gives you maximum speed. One can also use a computer with USB 2.0 but that will reduce the speed a little as compared to a USB 3.0 enabled PC. Once you have connected the device with your PC, you will get two options for setup, the DMG file would be for Mac computers and the exe file for Windows PC, setting up would be an easy task. Enter your name and set the password for the drive and you are ready to go!

The T1 is a tiny little device, it has a size that of a thumbdrive. The device is very light in weight (26 grams) because it has been primarily built with plastic. The sleek size lets you store your data in your pocket, wallet, and purse and anywhere without any sort of hassle.

The device has excellent figures in terms of performance. We have placed it on the top selection of the best external portable solid state drives (SSD) list. It is 3-4 times faster than a normal HDD. The T1 lets you reboot your PC in less than 20 seconds! This lets you save your precious time in transferring those Blue Ray movies, HD quality songs and those action games. The T1 offers you amazing level of security, as it comes with AES 256-bit encryption. You can simply access all your data without any sort of installation. All you need is to save a onetime password. The device is made of the Solid State technology, which reduces its chances of being damaged due to shock or vibrations. The device also has the Dynamic Thermal Guard, which means that it will stay protected in higher temperatures. The only concern about this device is that is comparatively very costly than an HDD. It is better for high end users or for those who want absolute control and security of their data.


Consumers even though have highly appreciated the T1 because of its ultra lightweight characteristic and amazing portability. The real world speed has come around 375 MB/sec. The device comes with a tiny little cable (the one which comes with Samsung Note 3) which is great to handle such high speeds. It also gives a 3 years warranty. The only downside is that it is a niche product made only for high-end and professional users. The device is available for $149 on amazon website.

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