Shadow Mini™ External 256GB Portable SSD Review

We will first of all let you know the concept of a portable Solid State Drive. What is an SSD? An SSD or Solid State Drive is just like any other expandable memory drive, also known or rather better known as a flash drive. A flash drive is generally very tiny in size, it has a capacity of somewhere between 8 GB to 128 GB. A Solid State Drive is a little bigger than a flash drive in terms of size as well as memory. Generally, a flash drive comes within the range of 128 GB to 1.0 TB, SSDs of 2.0 TB are there, but they are more of a rare species. SSD will store your data in microchips. This sort of drive is much faster than a hard disk drive because it does not use mechanical platter to store data, unlike an HDD. An SSD is quite a bit pricier than an HDD.

Shadow Mini External SSD

Basic Features

The Portable 256 GB External USB 3.0 SSD is a brilliant drive from the house of Shadow Mini. We have included it in our best external solid state drive (SSD) list for its great features and performance. We will take you through an in-depth review of the drive. The most amazing factor about this drive is its style; it is one of the most handsome SSDs in the town. The SS drive is available in two color options, viz. black and silver. The external body is made up of aluminum housing, therefore, adds to a lot of sturdiness to the body. The Oyen Shadow Mini logo is on the front side of the drive and is written in white. In the box, you also get one 1.5 feet long USB cable, a stylish and handy Oyen Pouch.

The usage and durability of the drive is top notch again. You can carry it along with you to school, college, and office or at any of your friends’ or relatives’ place. The SSD is quite a bit compact as it has an overall size of 4 by 2.3 by 0.4 inches and weighs only about 1 ounce i.e. 30-31 grams. The body of the device is made up of aluminum, which makes it quite strong and sturdy. If one accidentally drops it from a height of 2-3 feet, it will still resist to the damage! SSDs are made up of non-mechanical or moving parts, which again add up to their durability. You can feel assured with the longevity of this device.

The most important part of this review about the SSD is its speed. A person prefers an SSD over an HDD only because of its extreme speeds of writing and reading. The device can be connected to a USB 3.0 as well as USB 2.0 compatible PC or Laptop. If we talk about the USB 3.0 port then we can definitely say one thing that this device will amaze you with super fast speeds of 350 MB/s and 390 MB/s of writing and reading respectively. It’s one of the fastest external SSDs out there. If you use the drive with a 2.0 USB port then the speed will come down to 35-40 MB/s. When you go for an HDD, you cannot expect great speeds. The biggest USP of SDD over HDD is its blazing fast speed.

The other things that you must know about this device are: the device comes with a 3 years warranty to give you ideal protection in the event of any mishaps. The device will also let you have a free online account on SpiderOak with a good space of 10 GB. The device is compatible with both Mac products and Windows PC and Laptop as well. It is a simple plug and play device and can easily handle shocks, drops and falls.

The users have mostly good things to say about this device. We have a few of them to share with you. A user had to say that it is a complete package of style, performance and speed. The drive is extremely tine and can be carried around anywhere. That person was undoubtedly surprised with the overall aspects of the drive. People also appreciated its strength, some said that they had accidentally dropped the device a couple of times but still it did not damage the device at all. People are also amused with its overall speeds. No one has complained about the speed at any point of time. The pretty looks have got plenty of eyeballs too.

There is one thing about SSDs. These are much more costly than a normal HDD. Only a professional should consider SSD. It is great for editing or transferring videos, music and files to your PC or Laptop.

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