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Best PS4-Compatible External Hard Drive (HDD) Options [2017]

Sony PlayStation-4 game console has gained lots of popularity since the very first day of its release. This innovative game console has a tremendous number of audience and an incredible number of amazing video games ready to download/purchase. But there arises a serious problem with the limited capacity of the default/standard PS4 hard drive that [...]

The Best & Fastest External Portable Hard Drive (HDD) – 2015 post image

The Best & Fastest External Portable Hard Drive (HDD) – 2015

One of the biggest drawbacks in the currently available portable external hard drives is their low speed compared with the regular internal hard drives. While some internal hard drives reached the rate of 15k RPM spindle speed, the top-performing external hard drive still spins at 5,400 RPM, and this is for a valid reason. Just [...]