Verbatim 256 GB Vx450 External SSD 47681 Review

If it is speed that you are looking for, then A Solid State Drive (short SSD) should be your last option. HDD or Hard Disk Drives are comparatively slower than Solid State Drives. The main reason for this is that SSDs store data in microchips, whereas, HDDs store data in a magnetic platter. Now, HDDs work mechanically, therefore, they load data once the platter starts to spin. This makes them pretty much slow. SSDs, on the other hand load data from the microchips on the go. This makes them much more advanced and quicker. The other important element about an SSD is that it transfers larger data at a linear quick speed, which HDDs fail to do. HDDs lose their speed gradually while transferring data, SSDs do not. Talking about the durability, yes, SSDs are much more durable as they do not have a moving part. So, a fall or even rough handling does not affect them much. Yes, SSDs have a greater price tag than the HDDs.

Verbatim External SSD

Basic Features

We will take you through Verbatim 256 GB Vx450 External SSD which has been chosen by us as one of the best external portable solid state drives (SSD). If you have been waiting for a quick, light and compact SSD, the Verbatim Vx450 is there for you. This drive comes with some latest technologies in the world of SSDs. It offers data transfer speeds of up to 450 MB/s. So, if you demand great speeds and top-notch performance then this one is for you. This device comes well equipped with USB 3.0 (makes it backward compatible too i.e. USB 2.0 compatible) and mini-SATA or m-SATA interface. This is what makes it capable of transferring large data at very good speeds. The performance is also optimum, that’s why it can be deemed among the fastest external SSDs available in the market today. People who love playing high end games, or people who are professionals in the fields of music or video editing should opt for this.

The Vx450 SSD operates silently as it does not have any mechanical part inside. SSDs are based on the microchips platform; this is what makes them work so silently. Since, this does not have a motion-based operation, therefore, you will also see you laptop’s battery efficiency getting better. HDDs generally tend to drain battery very quickly. The Vx450 is USB 3.0 as well as USB 2.0 compatible, we will recommend you to use it with USB 3.0, as that will bring out the best from the drive. When using with USB 3.0, you will see that speeds will be as fast as 350 MB/s for writing and 450 MB/s for reading.

This device is certainly very much light in weight which highly contribute to its portability, as it is made up of aluminum. Microchips construction further keeps the weight very low. The device weighs only 40 grams; it is so light that sometimes you will forget that it is inside your pocket. The overall product dimensions are 3.4×0.4×1.4 inches. The compactness of the device further makes it convenient to carry to your school, college, work place and anywhere else. Since the device is made up of aluminum and does not have any moving or mechanical part inside, it becomes shock and vibration proof. So, worrying about dropping it or mishandling it is eliminated.

In the box, accessories included are a 3.0 USB cable and a stylish pouch for your drive. The Vx450 is compatible with both Mac and Windows. It comes with Verbatim’s 2 years limited warranty. The device will give you 440-450 MB/s read speed and 340-350 MB/s write speed. It is based on Windows 8 UASX protocol. If you use it with Windows 7 without UAs Protocol then you will get a speed of 220 MB/s and 160 MB/s (read and write respectively) speeds. We will recommend you to use a 3.0 USB port for the best performances.

Customers have appreciated Verbatim’s Vx450 256 GB SSD. People have really liked its promise of delivering speeds of an average of 375 MB/s in the real world (the ones who have used it with USB 3.0). Some people have found the in box accessories to be really helpful and apt. The cable wire is of perfect size and looks quite durable. The pouch is also great to let you keep your SSD without any sort of hassles. The device is about the size of your palm and fits in perfectly, it also has good grip to let you carry or hold it easily.
The only down side of the product is that it has a warranty of 2 years. Other rival companies sell their SSDs with a warranty of 3 years. The price is also quite high for the ones who only need a drive to transfer some small files and documents.

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